The One Place You're Forgetting To Apply Dry Shampoo To, According To A Celeb Hair Stylist

Finding yourself enveloped in a cloud of dry shampoo is not an unfamiliar scenario. Five years ago, it was difficult to find the product on the shelves of your favorite drugstore, but now? It's practically everywhere, and every woman has at least one bottle of it in their bathroom cabinet. But no matter how frequent of a user you are, there's still one place you're likely forgetting to apply dry shampoo to, according to Suave Professionals celebrity hair stylist Jenny Cho.

I had the opportunity to interview the renowned stylist (who works on the covetable tresses of Selena Gomez, Emilia Clarke, and Jennifer Lawrence) at West Hollywood's 901too Salon and she was passionate about the topic of dry shampoo. "Ever since dry shampoo came out, we were like, “The longer you go without washing your hair the better it is.” It’s easier on the hair. But I have to be honest — I think some girls take advantage of that and they go a little too far," Cho tells me.

Too much dry shampoo? Never, I thought. But just like everything else in life, too much of a good thing can be bad. "Girls sometimes brag about going two weeks without washing their hair, but I think about their follicles — it’s trapping their hair. There’s so much dirt in there," Cho explains. Even worse is the result of too much product — "Sometimes you could clog your pores and have less hair," Cho warns.

Instead of applying too much of it, Cho wants people to learn how to properly apply dry shampoo. The problem, Cho finds, is that one particular area of the head is being neglected. "A lot of girls forget that when you’re sleeping, and you wake up, there’s always a bedhead [in the back of their heads]. They tend to miss that part. Everywhere else looks fresh thanks to the dry shampoo, but then you look, and you see that she forgot to refresh her crown," says Cho, motioning towards the back of her head.

It makes total sense though, seeing as how the crown is an area of your head that you don't really see when you stare into the mirror. But to everyone else, especially Cho, it's obvious.

So, what's a girl to do? "I always recommend rewetting the crown area — just a quick little refresh. Use a little bit of spray and your fingers — your fingers could be the best brush that you own. A little bit of tension with your fingers creates body again and it looks fresh." Out of dry shampoo? A little H20 is your next best option. "You could [even] just use water and your fingers," Cho advises.

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The next time you reach for that dry shampoo, remember Cho's wise words of hair advice: 1. Don't go too crazy with it, and 2. Don't forget the back of your head. After all, every queen deserves a shiny, gorgeous crown.

Images: Jeromy Robert Photography; Suave