When Will Kylie’s Maliboo Lip Kit Be Restocked? Good News, Kylie Cosmetics Fans — PHOTOS

Since the very beginning, every time Kylie Jenner released a lip kit, it sells out. So this time she decided to release even more lip kits to prevent this senseless tragedy from happening, but alas, when Jenner released the newest lip kit summer shades Kristen and Maliboo on Wednesday, they sold out in only eight minutes. So when will Kylie's Maliboo lip kit be restocked? There's good news for those who weren't able to snag the popular shade.

According to Jenner's Snapchat on Wednesday, she will be restocking the Maliboo shade on Friday, along with Kristen, a strawberry red that also sold out, and Ginger, which will be launching on that day. However, as you've seen, you'll have to be actively (and aggressively) be paying attention in order to snag a Maliboo lip kit for yourself. (I'm just curious as to how Jenner thought it would be possible to have enough lip kits in stock in order to not sell out. It seems like that's basically an impossible task at this point.

As you may have guessed, fans were pretty upset that they were unable to get their hands on the newest Kylie Lip Kit shades, especially since Jenner herself promised that her lip kits wouldn't sell out anymore.

In case you didn't get to see what it looked like:

As expected, fans took to Twitter to express their frustrations.

People aren't happy.

Hopefully they will be adequately restocked on Friday.

Or else there will be some very angry makeup addicts.

Images: Mary Rabun/Bustle