The Bravos' 'In Memoriam' Segment Was A Hilarious Testament To Seasons Past

I should have known that The Bravos were not going to follow the normal awards show formula, so when Andy Cohen announced their “In Memoriam” segment, I was surprised. Who died this year that appeared on Bravo? It turns out that my mind was in the wrong place — Andy and the Bravos turned the traditional “In Memoriam” trope on its head, and, for the record, their efforts were way funnier and more entertaining.

It started with Frederik from Million Dollar Listing: New York tearfully introducing the segment, and it quickly devolved into quick snaps of all the things and body parts we’ve lost on Bravo over the years. Highlights included Jax’s old nose, Brittany’s old boobs, Dorinda’s Berkshires carpet, Kristen’s old personality, Tom’s Vegas butt tattoo, Old Craig (because of #NewCraig), Tom and Jax’s sex couch, and Bethenny’s old hair. Sigh, you just don’t know what you have until it’s gone, you know? I was particularly moved by everything that’s changed on Vanderpump Rules — there has been so much plastic surgery and so many personality transformations that I feel like the cast has changed over four times. But no! It’s just growing up! Or trying to get more screen time and not get canned by Andy (you gotta keep it fresh, you know?).


The Bravos had its moments, and the “In Memoriam” segment was probably the best part of the whole show. Bravo isn’t one to shy away from making fun of itself and the general state of pop culture, and if the show continues in this way, I think it will be a yearly highlight for the network. Let’s get a two-hour ceremony next year, Andy, okay?

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy