These 6 RNC Attendees Witnessed Ted Cruz Getting Booed — Here's What Went Down On The Convention Floor

On the third night of the Republican National Convention, the theme was "Make America First Again" and there was a big first for Ted Cruz. During his speech, the audience started booing at Cruz for his refusal to endorse Donald Trump. These six RNC attendees witnessed Cruz getting booed on the convention floor, and they generally agreed that Cruz was in the wrong.

It's no secret that Cruz doesn't believe that Trump is a true Conservative, nor does he think that he is fit for the presidency. Let's face it, Cruz was the GOP's presidential runner-up this year. Also, Cruz's lack of a Trump endorsement wasn't a surprise when you remember the horrible comments Trump made about Heidi Cruz, as well as Cruz's father (whom Trump alleged had something to do with President Kennedy's assassination). In response, Cruz called Trump unthinkable names, such as "a pathological liar," "narcissist," and "utterly immoral."

During his impassioned speech, Cruz talked about many things, mostly focusing on America's freedom and, of course, our freedom to choose the candidate we support. He encouraged people not to say home in November, but after all was said and done, he did not give Trump an endorsement in his ever-important RNC speech. Here's what six people who were on the convention floor during the time Cruz was booed by the delegates had to say about the whole thing.

Lois Coleman, Alternate Delegate, Wyoming

"Well, everyone wanted him to endorse Trump, you know. But there was a lot of bitterness during that campaign, and I think it was difficult for him. He did the best he could. When he came out, at first he did say, ‘Congratulations to Donald Trump for winning the nomination,’ and he was not that abusive. But it was a rough, rough campaign, and some of those things that were said are pretty hard to get over. You don’t just say, ‘I’m sorry.’”

Steve Golimowski, Alternate Delegate, North Carolina

"I think that Ted, it’s great that he was here. Some some people are not here, and I’m not happy with them at all. I think Ted really made the best effort that he could. I think there’s a lot of personal feelings, and he tried, I think, very hard to overcome them. I did not boo him, and I do not think they should’ve booed him.”

Gus McDowell, Guest Of A Delegate, North Carolina

"I thought that he should’ve been more polite than he was. He’s done what he’s done, and now it’s over, and then the delegates shouldn’t have treated him like that. He should not have done what he did, but it’s in the past and it’s done. I think it’s all over. I don’t know, but I hope it’s all over. I hope there won’t be anymore repercussions or anything out of it, because this has been going on for a long time between [Cruz] and Trump, and there are some skeptics saying about what he’s going to do in 2020. This is 2016, but 2020 is four years from now, so we’ll have to wait and see.”

Lori Carlson, Delegate, Virginia

“I was booing. I just thought it was really sad, and a missed opportunity to make a strong call for party unity, and set aside differences that came up during the primary, and just take a new tone to move forward in the campaign for the election."

Verne Breland, Alternate Delegate, Louisiana

"It was not very courteous. Let’s just say I’m aggravated [that Cruz didn’t endorse Trump] ... but he also said votes are conscience, so I understand that."

Brad Hutchison, Not A Delegate, Oklahoma

"I did not boo. I don’t think they should’ve booed, but I also think that Ted Cruz should’ve said something about the nominee, Donald J. Trump, because he did not mention his name, and that’s why he was booed."

So there you have it: the reactions of delegates and non-delegates alike who witnessed in person what many are calling Cruz's moment of political suicide.

Images: Bustle/Emily Shire (6)