These Celebs Are All Speaking At The 2016 DNC

As much as you may want to discuss what's going on over at the 2016 Republican National Convention, it's time to start talking about the 2016 Democratic National Convention as well. The event will take place in Philadelphia between July 25 and July 28. Like the RNC, it will be highly talked about, especially since many famous faces will be in attendance. That's right, a lot of celebrities are going to the DNC in support of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Celebs have been tweeting up a storm about attending Clinton's big event, and the list is full of bright stars.

But, each person you'll find on this list is really no surprise, because ever since the race for the next leader of our nation kicked off, these people haven't been shy about voicing their support for Clinton. Their excitement over the fact that Clinton could not only become the next POTUS, but also the first woman president, has been evident from the beginning.

Based on their tweets, with which each celeb announced they will be at the DNC, they are all very much enthused to attend the important event in honor of their chosen candidate. In fact, they may even be beyond enthused.

Demi Lovato

She definitely has Clinton's back.

Lena Dunham

No surprise here.

Tony Goldwyn

Like Goldwyn, the entire Scandal cast has been extremely supportive of Clinton.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

The former basketball star isn't shy when it comes to endorsing Clinton.

America Ferrera

The Ugly Betty favorite even wants to Netflix and chill (literally, not in the urban dictionary sense) with Clinton. They really would make great BFFs.

Erika Alexander

The Living Single actor been campaigning for Clinton for some time now.

Debra Messing

To say she's been really vocal during the 2016 presidential campaign is an understatement.

Star Jones

This former View host isn't afraid to voice her political support and opinions.

Lee Daniels

He definitely wants to see Clinton in the Oval.

Elizabeth Banks

Even in 2015, Banks was supporting Clinton.

Chloë Grace Moretz

She might be a good way to pull in younger voters, especially young women.

Eva Longoria

You know Longoria has Clinton's back when she cut her honeymoon short to attend her fundraiser.

This is quite an impressive list of celebs, who will also surely make the DNC even more entertaining.