Adele Posts No Makeup Photos That Prove She Shines With Or Without Winged Liner — PHOTOS

Adele's fashion sense has definitely evolved throughout her years under the Hollywood spotlight, but her go-to makeup look? Well that has pretty much stayed the same. It's nearly impossible to catch a glimpse of the singer without her signature bold cat eye or pink lip. So when I stumbled across Adele's makeup-free selfie, I pretty much had to do a double take.

The 28-year-old posted some bare-faced photos on Instagram recently, appearing to not have even a drop of makeup on. In one image the starlet is sitting on a chair while gazing out into the open, rocking laid back hair and a seemingly naked face. In another picture, she sports a messy top bun with her completely makeup-free look. In both photos, her complexion is literally flawless, to the point where it's almost unfair. No dark under-eye circles, blemishes, or redness in sight. She must take really good care of her skin.

Since we're used to seeing Adele all dolled up on red carpet appearances or during one of her many shows, it's pretty awesome that she is sharing another side of herself with the world, a more normal, down-to-earth side. Maybe stars really are just like us after all?

Check out the makeup-free looks.

Everything about this picture is simply stunning.

If I were Adele, I'd ditch makeup for good.

Let's check out some other times the singer rocked a minimal makeup look, shall we?

1. On The Cover Of Rolling Stone

Obsessed with this totally raw look.

2. In This Bed-Time Selfie

Glad to know Adele isn't like Kim Kardashian and doesn't sleep in her makeup.

3. At The Gym

See! She's just like us!

4. On The Cover Of Vogue

While she isn't totally makeup-free here, her makeup is a bit more subdued than usual, and still completely gorgeous.

5. At The Grammy Awards

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sure, she has still got her cat-eye on, but the pale lip and even paler blush is pretty minimal for Adele.

6. In This Throwback Photo

I can barely handle the cuteness.