Lydia's Husband Andrew Norbury Is 'The Real Housewives Of Melbourne' Star's Perfect Match

After two seasons of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Melbourne , Lydia Sciavello is one of my personal favorites. She's always down for a party, winds up in the middle of the season's biggest drama, and she kind of reminds me of an Australian Nigella Lawson, with her cooking abilities and her charming, flirtatious entertaining style. But who is Lydia's husband, Andrew Norbury? Who alone is able to live alongside Lydia without upstaging her or folding beneath her enormous personality? Well, Andrew is the perfect match for Lydia, since he manages to be just as successful as his wife while simultaneously not overshadowing her accomplishments, both in and outside of The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Andrew is a businessman who founded Metier3, an architectural studio that operates out of Melbourne, according to their website. If you look at some of the properties they've worked on, you will want to move to Australia, no matter how much terrifying wildlife there is Down Under. Metier3 also has commercial contracts, which shows that if you walk through downtown Melbourne, you'll probably see Andrew's work. Judging from the pictures on their website and their Instagram, Metier3 specializes in modern designs with a lot of metal and glass elements.

When he isn't working, Andrew naturally spends quite a lot of time with his wife. He appears frequently on her Instagram, as the two spend both eventful days and weekends as well as quiet evenings at home with their fireplace (once again, Andrew's architectural details make that house go from simply nice to unbelievably gorgeous).

Andrew even gets brought along when Lydia is hanging out with her friends and her family. Judging by what Lydia regularly posts, her Real Housewives of Melbourne costars are not included in the Schiavello-Norbury nights out, but they're missing out, because this couple seems incredibly fun.

In an interview with TV Week, Lydia says that Andrew almost died while she was filming Season 2 of RHOM back in 2015. According to Lydia, "He was ill while I was filming Season 2. He had the operation right at the end, when we were doing promotion stuff. It was very serious," she said, attributing her husband's illness to endocarditis, a heart infection. Thankfully, he's since recovered.

He may not be jumping in while on camera, but Andrew is supportive of his wife at every turn. And, since judging from the Real Housewives of Melbourne trailers this will be a very eventful season, it's great that she will have her husband by her side. And according to a report from The Daily Mail, the couple are still going strong and appear together in public despite anything that happens during the season. Andrew Borbury and Lydia Schiavello may actually be a perfect match.