Nicole & Corey's 'Big Brother 18' Showmance Is So Powerful, It Could Flip The House

Showmances are a complicated matter on Big Brother ­— hooking up (literally and metaphorically) with another houseguest is beneficial not only because it will help pass the time while cooped up in the house, but also because it guarantees a certain level of security. There’s always one person that won’t vote to evict you! The con, though, is that if you get far enough, you’ll have to go head-to-head with your bae, and that can make for some uncomfortable pillow talk. So far this season, Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks have been shmooping it up, and I think Nicole and Corey’s Big Brother 18 showmance will be more powerful in a game sense than people originally thought.

Corey and Nicole have been joined at the hip pretty much since the beginning, and they are feeling each other (metaphorically — I can’t speak to anything literal). But they’re also quite the strategic pair, and their charisma is totally working to their advantage. For whatever reason, the other houseguests seem to go along with what Nicole and Corey think, and on the live feeds, Corey and Nicole were talking about evicting Da’Vonne Rogers instead of Tiffany Rousso — that’s a big change in voting strategy. After that conversation, they approached Frank and Bridgette and the four agreed on that very same plan. That didn’t take long, huh?

Eight houseguests are voting in the eviction, which means that this foursome will need a fifth member to join their alliance if they really want to evict Da’Vonne. If it’s a tie, the Head of Household (who is Paulie this week) gets the tiebreaker, and he wants Tiffany out faster than a mouse in a cat café. But since the whole “let’s change how we vote” thing happened so fast, I don’t think Nicorey and company will have a problem.

That’s why Corey and Nicole shouldn’t be underestimated at all in this competition — they are both really into each other (or so it seems), and it seems like they’ll do what they can to keep each other in the competition while also pushing their way to the top of the heap. Their whole “we’re cuddling all day long” situation is a great cover, because perhaps the other houseguests don’t realize what a formidable force those two are. They are indeed cuddling, but they’re also paying attention and trying to change the game, all from the comfort of their Big Brother 18 bed.

In my mind, the only way that this thing could go wrong is if Nicole and Corey get into some kind of fight and sell each other out. They likely know each other's strategies, so if this showmance breaks up and Nicole or Corey wants the other out of the house, they could make some serious waves with the other houseguests. For now, though, Nicole and Corey are together, and everyone else on Big Brother 18 should be careful not to get on the couple's bad side.

Images: Bill Inoshita/CBS; Giphy (2)