Did Nicole & Corey Have Sex On 'Big Brother 18'? They're Growing Closer Everyday

Showmances are an essential part of Big Brother, and with showmances occasionally come the fabled in-house hookup. Big Brother 18 has been fairly tame so far, especially compared to some of the hookup horror stories from BB17 . While there are multiple showmances in the house currently, including Natalie/James and Paulie/Zakiyah, the subjects in the latest rumored in-house hookup are none other than the innocent-seeming Nicole and Corey. The events that some BB fans think happened in the house indicated that as Britney Spears would say, Nicorey is actually not – that – innocent. There are conflicting reports of what actually happened, so what is the truth? Did Nicole and Corey hook up?

The alleged "incident" that fans are up in arms over seems to have happened on the morning of July 18 when Corey and Nicole were lying in bed together in the very early morning and some ambiguous hand movements were seen. So no, the two did not have sex, but fans are wondering what exactly happened between them — if anything. The only indication that something did happen is the discussion that has been created amongst fans on social media, as well as a very strange conversation that happened the day after.

Corey and Nicole were throwing around phrases like, "You act like I didn't like last night" and "I'm not gonna be weird," which raised some eyebrows. However, there are some odd circumstances surrounding the supposed hookup, or lack thereof. For starters, Corey and Nicole haven't kissed yet. Corey, on the feeds, has spoken to others about wanting to kiss Nicole but claims that Nicole is scared. If these two haven't kissed, it's hard to believe that they've gone the full Lizten.

While the status of these two hooking up is up in the air, there's no doubt that they're headed down the path of possible intimacy sometime soon. Corey and Nicole have become nearly inseparable, with Corey's charm clearly persuading Nicole to loosen her grip on her plan to avoid showmances this season. Some fans, including BB15 winner Andy Herren, disagree with Nicole and Corey's showmance, but it's possible the only person struggling with the showmance more than the fans is Corey himself. With this much tension between the two, it seems like Corey is trying go further than cuddling, which is all we've actually seen them do.

With all the evidence, it's certainly possible that something happened (not sex, but some form of hooking up), but it's more likely that Corey wanted something to happen and Nicole shut him down. There is still a lot of summer left for Corey and Nicole to get close to each other — if they can stay in the house, that is. With Tiffany, Frank, and Bridgette targeting the power couple, these two may need to spend some more time strategizing and less time getting close. Nicole and Corey will have plenty of time to hookup after the show, but it's yet to be seen if they're going to get an early start to the physical side of their relationship while still in the Big Brother house.

Image: Bill Inoshita/CBS