The One Robin Williams Movie To Watch When You Miss Him Most

Robin Williams will always be remembered as one of the greats. Having starred in so many classic and memorable films, his talent has continued to live on since he sadly passed away almost two years ago on August 11, 2014. A natural comedian, as well as a serious actor, Williams has an incredible catalogue of movies, and it's super difficult to pick just one. But as it's the Oscar winner's birthday on July 21, it seems apt to select one of his films which is perfect to watch when you miss him the most. So what's the one Robin Williams movie you should watch right now?

From multi-award winning movies like Good Will Hunting, to endlessly enjoyable family films like Mrs. Doubtfire, Williams constantly showcased his impressive acting range, and his ability to connect with audiences worldwide. There are several popular movies of his I could pick, that I love to watch again and again, but some of his work is seriously underrated and deserves more attention. Which is why the one Robin Williams movie you should watch when you miss him most is Terry Gilliam's masterpiece The Fisher King. Released in 1991, not only did Williams get nominated for the Best Actor Oscar for his performance, he also won a Golden Globe for it.

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In true Terry Gilliam style, The Fisher King is a dark fairytale, in which Williams plays a homeless man on a quest for the Holy Grail. Believing that he is a knight, Williams enlists the help of Jeff Bridges, a near-suicidal ex-radio host whose actions unknowingly caused a mass shooting to take place. This odd pairing makes for an alternative buddy comedy-drama, in which magic is (almost) real, and redemption might just be possible.

Without giving any spoilers, Robin Williams's character, Parry, has had his life unalterably changed by a recent tragedy, and, while his quest is to find the Holy Grail, he has also fallen in love with a woman. Wanting to make a positive change, radio host Jack (Jeff Bridges) decides to help Parry find love, secretly hoping that his kind deeds will cancel out all the wrongs he has done in his life.


The Fisher King is filled with the kind of magic only Robin Williams could create onscreen, childlike in naivety, and unrelentingly hopeful. At times, Williams's performance is heartbreaking, as it's clear he's playing a man who has lost so much. Even though Parry might not be a real knight, Williams helps conjure up a character who is equal parts quirky, broken, charming, kind, and complicated. If you've not seen The Fisher King, but love Robin Williams, you really should watch it immediately as it's one of his best.

Robin Williams is sadly missed, but his movies are his legacy, and we're lucky to get to experience his talents by watching them again and again.

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