13 'Star Trek Beyond' Spoilers For Trekkies Who Just Can't Wait

Get ready, Trekkies: Star Trek Beyond, the third movie in the franchise, is finally here, and it is crazy. The new film, out July 22, is filled with adventures, explosions, and big bad villains that make it a hugely enjoyable two hours, and there are plenty of big moments that fans will be talking about for weeks after the movie premieres. Yet if you're not able to get to a theater yourself but still want to know what happens, don't worry, I've got you covered. I've listed some of the biggest Star Trek Beyond spoilers below, but consider this your warning: if you don't want to know exactly what happens in the new movie, stop reading now and just buy your ticket instead.

Or, do both, because seeing the movie and then reminding yourself of everything that happened in it is never a bad idea. But either way, prepare yourself, because Star Trek Beyond is filled with massive events that change the course of your favorite characters' lives, and you won't want to be taken aback if you'd rather go into the movie blind. So, without further ado, here are the 13 biggest spoilers in Star Trek Beyond .

1. Kirk Is Bored But Has A New Shiny Tony


When the movie starts out, Kirk says how he's getting kind of bored being out in space, without anything shaking things up. In fact, things are becoming "episodic" for him. LOL. But he also has the Abronath, a highly dangerous device that plays a big part later in the movie.

2. Spock Prime Dies


Early on, Spock learns that Spock Prime has died, and the tragic news causes him to think about whether or not he wants to leave Starfleet for good.

3. The Enterprise Gets Double-Crossed


When an alien contacts them and says she needs help, the Enterprise goes to assist, but they find themselves attacked by the evil Krall and his people, who want control of the Abronah. It turns out that the alien knew that Krall would attack but lied out of desperation — Krall had taken her crew, and she thought that if she sent her to the Enterprise, he'd give them back.

4. The Ship Crashes And Everyone Is Separated


Due to Krall's attacks, the Enterprise crashes, and all of its crew are either killed, taken hostage, or totally separated. Krall takes Uhura and Sulu, an injured Spock hangs with McCoy, Kirk and Chekov figure their way out together, and Scotty is saved by a brand new alien. Speaking of which...

5. Jaylah Arrives And Is Totally Badass


Scotty meets Jaylah, a badass alien who saves his life and is an insanely good fighter. She takes him to her home, an old U.S.S. ship, and the two form a bond while Scotty tries to reach his crewmates.

6. Krall Is Seen Being Super Bad


Uhura and Sulu witness Krall absorbing energy from other people (in what looks to be an insanely painful way for them) and becoming stronger. Not good.

7. Most Of The Team Is Reunited


After some time apart, the team reunites — well, mostly. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Chekov, and Scotty all get back together, but Uhura and Sulu are still being held captive by Krall, who now has access to the Abronah and is not afraid to use it.

8. Jaylah Takes Them To Krall


Thanks to a not-at-all-creepy tracking device/necklace Spock gave Uhura, the team is able to track down Uhura's whereabouts and find Krall's headquarters. They decide to go after him, and Jaylah, having been there before, leads the way.

9. The Team Attacks


The group enters Krall's territory and tries — but fails — to get the Abronah from him. Spock reunites with Uhura, and Kirk saves Jaylah from disaster before they all beam back safely.

10. And Then They Attack Again


Since Krall is still a threat with the Abronah, the team goes back to defeat him for good. They arrive on Yorktown and start fighting.

11. Krall's History Is Revealed


It's learned through video footage that Krall is really Balthazar Edison, a Starfleet soldier from long ago who went bad once he found alien technology able to make him live longer.

12. Kirk Defeats Krall


After a big fight with Kirk that includes Krall setting off the Abronah, the villain is blown out into space, where the Abronah destroys him. Spock rescues Kirk before Kirk is killed, too, and victory is won.

13. Everyone Gets A Happy Ending


Back at home, Kirk turns down an offer to become a Vice Admiral and instead decides to stay on Starfleet because flying = fun. He celebrates his birthday with the others at a party that includes a sight of Uhura wearing Spock's necklace, signaling that their relationship might be on the mend. Meanwhile, Spock goes through Spock Prime's belongings and sees a sweet photo of the original Enterprise crew together. Jaylah gets made a member of Starfleet, Sulu reunites with his family, and the Enterprise gets rebuilt. It's happy news for all.

Got all that? Star Trek Beyond is filled with big, memorable moments.

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