These Rainbow Macarons Are Too Gorgeous To Eat

I'll admit that the rainbow food trend has me wary. I put my foot down at rainbow grilled cheese, but alas, I don't make the rules — and the rainbow food trend lives on. But luckily, the latest food to join the team is one I'll happily get behind: Rainbow swirled macarons have hit the internet, and web users are already drooling at their computer screens. They look that good. And before you ask, yes, I know that macrons already come in a wide variety of colors; what makes these rainbow macarons unique, though, is the swirled bit. They basically look like the fanciest tie-dye job you've ever seen, and they're glorious.

Macarons (which are totally different from macaroons , by the way — those are those star-shaped coconut cookies), already have the reputation for being gorgeous, Instagram-worthy dessert treats due to the variety of vibrant colors they're baked in. But one mom must've thought, "Why not combine all of the colors to make a batch of friggen awesome rainbow macarons, huh?" So that's what she did. Said mom is Redditor spartan1977, who decided to make macarons at home one day with the help of her four-year-old son. The dessert became a hit, and now they've exploded all over the interwebs.

I don't think I'd have the patience to make macarons in general, let alone macarons that are this beautiful and flawless and bursting with color. Seriously. Did they really eat these? I'd just put them on the table and stare at them.

You gotta hand it to this lady. These are some legitimate culinary skills. The extent of my baking knowledge typically starts and ends with boxed cake that you mix with water and an egg, and presto. I'm so ashamed.

This isn't the first time someone's gotten creative with macarons (although it's certainly the first of this kind that I've seen). Let us not forget the galaxy food trend, and these bad boys.

Or this ice cream macaron sandwich thing.

Or these white chocolate rainbow macarons, which look like an art project gone fabulous.

Honestly, give me macarons any day of the week.

Image: Fotolia