Has Aaron Rodgers Said Anything About His Family? Jordan's Brother Is Staying Out Of The Drama

Of course, when Jordan Rodgers became a contestant on The Bachelorette, the first thing that people knew about him was all about his famous brother. When Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, is your sibling, there's no way that you are going to be known for anything other than that. Jordan has been fairly outspoken on The Bachelorette about his lack of a relationship with his famous brother, without giving any real details about the drama. His famous brother has seemingly gone the other route. Aaron Rodgers doesn't talk about his family or any drama there may be between them.

During hometown dates, JoJo learned that while Luke and Jordan are very close, the family doesn't really speak to Aaron much. The reason behind this was never fully explained, and Aaron did not respond to Bustle's request for comment on the matter. In general it seems like Aaron is trying to concentrate on some of the other important things that he has going on in his life and is steering clear of any family drama that could possibly be happening.

It's not like Aaron doesn't have a flourishing career to worry about or anything. According to the team's website, the Green Bay Packers training camp begins on July 26. The training camp runs into Sept. 1 and there are only 11 days off in that time. Preseason games begin on Aug. 7 and the regular season games run until January, or February if they are lucky enough to make it to postseason. Obviously, he is a pretty busy guy.

Aaron also is probably taking up his time hanging with his girlfriend, actor Olivia Munn. They are so adorable. In fact, The couple recently adopted a puppy together and Olivia snapped a cute photo of their new baby with Aaron Rodgers (ok, just his elbow labeled as "dad." Awwww.

Basically, there's really no telling if the siblings/this family will ever resolve their problems, but, in the end, is it really any of our business? No. They all seem to be living pretty successful, happy lives, and that's really all that matters.