Is Amber Rose's Blonde Bob Real? Her New Look Is Fabulous — PHOTOS

Amber Rose knows how to make a fashion splash. From her statement making wardrobe to her bold beauty choices, she basically an icon at this point. On Wednesday, she threw a style curveball when she debuted a gorgeous new 'do on Instagram, but is Amber Rose's blonde bob real? Considering that Rose's signature look is her shaved blonde hair, the look is quite obviously a wig, and it's fabulous.

Rose has become famous for her signature look. With her blonde, shaved head and oversized sunglasses, the style is unmistakeably hers so when she switches it up, it's hard not to notice. On Wednesday, Rose took to her Instagram to do just that. During a taping of her new talk show, The Amber Rose Show, the star rocked a new look that created a major splash. Amber Rose's blonde bob was a stunning change for the celebrity, but will the change last for longer than the show's taping?

Rose's blonde bob is obviously a wig seeing as how growing several inches of hair overnight isn't exactly a possibility. But how long will Rose be keeping the look? There's little doubt that it's gorgeous. the blonde hair and red lip combination will never go out of style, and it's cool to see Rose switch things up a bit.

The wig was cut and styled by Tony Medina (@hisvintagetouch), and I've got my fingers crossed that Rose continues to rock the look he created. Known for his vintage styles, Medina has worked with stars such as Tess Holliday, Dita Von Teese, and Andra Day crafting gorgeous retro styles that will have you scrolling through his Instagram for hours.

So far, Rose hasn't posted an updated photo to her Instagram showcasing whether or not she'll be rocking the wig again, but personally, I sincerely hope she does.

So while the question of is Amber Rose's blonde bob real is easy to answer, it's still completely fabulous. The retro style definitely suits Rose, and while it's definitely a departure, she still kept her signature blonde. Basically, it's perfect. She's perfect. The look was perfect.