All The Easter Eggs In 'Star Trek Beyond'

by Rachel Simon

The day is finally here, Trekkies. Three years since the last movie in the franchise, Star Trek Into Darkness, hit theaters, the third installment of the series, Star Trek Beyond, has arrived — and with it, comes plenty of Star Trek Easter Eggs and references in Beyond, of course. Like most on-screen "universes," the Star Trek series includes plenty of call-outs to the many movies and TV shows it involves, some of which are more obvious than others. And while the Star Trek world may not be as Easter Egg-filled as, say, the Marvel or Pixar universes, it does contain a good amount of fun references to its previous iterations, as seen in Star Trek Beyond.

The latest movie in the series, out July 22, does not have an enormous amount of Easter Eggs and references, but it has enough that Trekkies will certainly be happy. And perhaps multiple viewings of the film will reveal more that were missed the first time around, so if you're hoping to catch them all, you better get to that theater ASAP so you can fit in another round. But for now, here are the biggest Easter Eggs and references to the Star Trek world seen in Star Trek Beyond. Spoilers ahead!

1. The Cast Photo

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In one moving scene, Spock is shown going through the possessions of Spock Prime, who has died, and finding a photo of the original Star Trek series cast (Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, and the rest are all there).

2. The "Episodic" Line

Early in the film, Kirk talks about how he's getting bored doing nothing in space, and how every day is starting to feel "episodic," a nod to the original Star Trek TV series.

3. Greg Grunberg

John Sciulli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Grunberg, best known for Lost, frequently appears in works by his friend J.J. Abrams, and has a quick cameo in Star Trek Beyond. He recently appeared as a pilot in Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens, too.

4. The Beastie Boys Song

The Beastie Boys' song "Sabotage" plays a big role in a pivotal scene, but it's not the first time the band has been involved in the franchise. In 2009's Star Trek, the same song appears in a scene with Kirk, and in 2012's Star Trek Into Darkness, the band's song "Body Movin' (Fat Boy Slim Remix) is heard in the background of a sequence. Clearly, the Beastie Boys are a big part of the Star Trek universe.

5. The Futurama Joke

Radio Times pointed out that the joke in Star Trek Beyond about how music like The Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" is considered "classical" is actually a references to Futurama, as shown by the scene above. Pretty great.

6. The 50 New Species

CinemaBlend noted how, in celebration of the Star Trek franchise's 50th anniversary, Star Trek Beyond introduces 50 new species of alien into the movie. Special props if you can catch all of them.

7. Day 966

CantonRep caught that Kirk acknowledging early on in the film that the mission was on day 966 is actually a nod to September 1966, the month and year the first episode of Star Trek debuted.

See if you can catch even more references when you see Star Trek Beyond.

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