12 West Wing Quotes To Motivate You On A Lazy Day

Listen, I know how you're feeling. You're exhausted, and all you want to do is lie down on your bed and cancel all the productive plans you made. But when I feel that way, I just think of some quotes from The West Wing to motivate me, because I am a human being who lives in the world, and goes through basically the exact same thing every day. If getting out of bed when I didn't want to was an Olympic sport, I would... you know, honestly, I would not be very good at it. Let's not lie to ourselves. Just because I do something every day doesn't make me world-class at it, and, until I stop hitting snooze my alarm upwards of five times a morning, I'll never have what it takes to hold my own against Kelly Ripa.

It's hard out there — in a universe where Netflix and wine and the internet and Candy Crush exist — to ignore all the many, many reasons you shouldn't laze around, and should actually get your day started. I feel you, which is why I've put together a list of the most motivational West Wing quotes, to light a fire under your butt in those moments when nothing else will. Just imagine C.J. Cregg or President Bartlet or Amy Gardner bending down to whisper one of these lines into your ear when you need it most, and you'll be leaping into action in no time.

1. "I'm The Press Secretary, Boo-Boo. I Don't Have That Kind Of Time." — C.J. Cregg

Life is short, so quit wasting it, or letting other people waste it on your behalf.

2. "He Doesn't [Call Us The Batman And Robin Of Speech-Writing], But He Should, 'Cause That's What We Are." — Toby Zeigler

Hey, that thing that you do that you're really good at? It's a big deal, and you should stop selling yourself short and go do it now.

3. "Never Doubt That A Small Group Of Thoughtful Committed Citizens Can Change The World." — President Bartlet

Sure, he stole that line from someone else, but just think. That could be you, but you playin'.

4. "I Have Wit, I Have Charm, I Have Brains, I Have Legs That Go All The Way Down To The Floor, My Friend." — Amy Gardener

Damn straight. Now, go out there and use them.

5. "Some [Schoolchildren] Don't... Raise Their Hand 'Cause They Think They're Going To Be Wrong. I Think You Should Say To These Kids, 'You Think You Get It Wrong Sometimes, You Should Come... See How The Big Boys Do It.'" — C.J. Cregg

Honestly, C.J. could read the phone book, and it would motivate me. With this behind me, I could go to the moon.

6. "We Will Do What Is Hard. We Will Achieve What Is Great. This Is A Time For American Heroes And We Reach For The Stars." — President Bartlet

Is it too weird to give a standing ovation to a fictional character?

7. "I Think Ambition Is Good. I Think Overreaching Is Good." — Sam Seaborn

Take Sam's advice, and do what you think you can't.

8. "What's Next?" — President Bartlet

Don't get mired in overthinking it. Just take a page from Jed Bartlet's book, and keep moving forward.

9. "If You Don't Want To Run Again, I Respect That. But If You Don't Run Because You Think It's Gonna Be Too Hard Or You Think You're Gonna Lose, Well, God, Jed, I Don't Even Want To Know You." — Mrs. Landingham

No matter how scared you are, you have to at least try.

10. "I'm Going To Crush Him. I'm Going To Make Him Cry And Then I'm Going To Tell His Momma About It." — C.J. Cregg

Can I tattoo this on my body somewhere? I need this quote near me in every moment.

11. "You're A Smart Savvy Woman Who Could easily Consider World Domination For A Next Career Move." — Charlie Young

Charlie Young knows what you're capable of, so why don't you?

12. "The History Of Man Is Hung On A Timeline Of Exploration And This Is What's Next." — Sam Seaborn

This is literally what you were born for, so get out there and hang more history.

So how are you feeling? Filled with the energy of a thousand blazing suns and the spine of every speechwriter in the White House? Same here. Now go do something about it.

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