I Tried "Trump Yourself" On Facebook And, Uh, Learned A Lot

A website set up by the Hillary Clinton campaign, Trump Yourself, crashed on Thursday due to heavy traffic. The site, launched by Hillary For America earlier on Thursday, allows users to superimpose filters containing quotes from the Republican Nominee over their Facebook profile pictures. (For the privilege, you'd agree to share their profile and email address.)

The quotes include some of the worst in Donald’s arsenal, including “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists,” of the entire population of Mexico, and “If you need Viagra, you’re probably with the wrong girl.” One can also choose their favorite Trump insult, including getting a classic Trump nickname, like “Dopey” or “Goofy.”

This is the second super-savvy tech move by the Clinton Campaign this week. On Monday, convention goers in Cleveland were treated to Snapchat filters sponsored by Hillary for America, including one with yellow police tape that read “STOP TRUMP”, and another quoting John Kasich as saying “Why would I feel compelled to support someone whose positions I kind of fundamentally disagree with?”

Many view this strategy as an attempt by the Clinton apparatus to reach out to millennial voters, who largely backed Bernie Sanders in the primary and have been lukewarm about Clinton, even after Sanders endorsed Clinton earlier this month.

For your pleasure, please find below a sample of the TrumpYourself filters, starring yours truly.

These last two strike me as contradictory.

Now I have my own Donald nickname!

Thanks for the pick-me-up, Donald.