7 "Pokemon Go" Pickup Lines

People are always asking me for dating advice. “How can I meet someone? What should I do on a first date? How do you arrange a threesome?” And since giving advice is pretty much my favorite thing ever, second only to bright red lipstick and maybe cats, I don’t mind at all. But today I’m about to drop my best dating advice of 2016, hands down, no question — seriously. Are you ready? Are you sure? Awesome: Now go download "Pokemon Go".

Before you roll your eyes, hear me out. I’ve been playing "Pokemon Go" for the past two weeks and I have talked to more strangers during that time than probably any other time in my life. Every time I walk around the busy parts of my town or hit up a lure, I find people who are playing too and it’s the perfect icebreaker. Considering the fact that one of the the biggest hurdles single people face when it comes to meeting people is figuring out what to say in order to get that initial interaction going, this is huge.

Everyone I’ve talked to has been down to chat when I approach them with a simple, “Hey, are you playing "Pokemon Go"?” Everyone is a little bit shy, like they’ve been “caught” playing the game, and everyone is super friendly. This isn’t only my experience, either — other players have told me that they’ve noticed the same thing.

“I’ve had really open conversations with people ranging in age from 12 to 25 who I wouldn’t have had any reason to talk to,” Rachel, a New Yorker who was catching pokemon in the Burlington City Hall Park, tells me. “I feel like a lot of people my age are scared of teenagers and now I’m like, ‘Why? They’re so interesting!’”

I’ve personally met people ranging in age from their early teens to their mid-40s playing the game and if I was single, I would absolutely be using "Pokemon Go" to pick up dudes. For those of you who are single and playing the game, here are seven awesome "Pokemon Go" pickup lines.

1. Going Down Like A Pokemon Server

"Hey girl, I'd go down on you more than the servers." - Lucas, 20

2. Just Want A Little Peek... At You

"I've been playing all day just for a Pikachu." - John

3. That Might Be The Sweetest Way To Use A Lure

"When I put a lure down, I didn't expect to attract a creature as beautiful as you!" - Jeff, 46, CP 512

4. But Will She Go Down On You In A Theater?

"I'm like "Pokemon Go"! I'll go down on you all morning." - Shannon, 21

5. Gotta Catch 'Em All!

"Hey gurl, I've gotten hella rare pokemon with high CP at this Pokestop over here, lemme drop a lure for you!" (Gets 30 min facetime ;) ) - Jonny, age 28

6. That Ass Tho

"Damn girl, you're a hotter piece of ass than the Poyta over there. Wait, don't run away!" - Anonymous

7. Yeah, She Went There

"For 20 Pokecoins, I'll let you Weedle my Jigglypuff." - Rachel, CP 712

Images: Emma McGowan (7)