Level 30 Of Pokémon Go Is Hardcore AF

I am currently on a lower level of Pokémon Go than most of my peers, and it has been a real treat to watch my progress. As it turns out, other people have been much more successful at the game than I have — a lot of people are level 20 and up. But what happens at level 30 on Pokémon Go that I am missing? What secrets await for me in the depths of the Pokémon universe? Will there be better prizes, cooler Pokémon, and better PokéBalls?

The answer to this questions comes from a Reddit user named Verigood, who truly lives up to his name. He held a small SubReddit chat talking about his incredible standing of level 30 in Pokémon Go. All of his Pokémon are evolved to the max and are basically unstoppable. I've just been happy with my recent acquisition of Abra — this gamer, on the other hand, has Pokémon with a CP of almost 2,500. How is that even possible? Luckily, the Reddit community asked him some very good questions that us mere mortals can use to help boost our player status.

According to Verigood, it takes a lot to get to level 30 in Pokémon Go. In the game you level up depending on your experience points. The more experience points, the higher your level in the game. In order to become a level 30 player you have to gain 350,000 experience points! When I first read that I did a double take. I feel like the game hasn't been out long enough for that number to be real.

Alas, it is possible. The user explained that he used actual money to buy a few booster items that he expertly used during specific times to boost his experience points. He used a mass-evolving method that is popular with many game users. It means you will wait to evolve your Pokémon until you set off a lucky egg, which double your experience points for half an hour and helps you level up quicker. Just remember that the higher the level you achieve, the harder it is to catch wild Pokémon with Pokéballs.

According to the same Reddit user, he has to use an average of four PokéBalls each time he tries to capture one. So don't go wasting them on the wrong Pokémon. The incentive for leveling up — besides being the talk of the Pokémon universe — is the fact that you might finally get to hold a MasterBall. Something that can potentially be used to capture Mew or MewTwo. A lot of players have their eyes set on this...

Hopefully, you now know how to level up quicker and become the Pokémon Master you always dreamed of.

Images: The WB