See Cara Delevingne's New Haircut Because It's Totally Different For The Star — PHOTOS

There's a new member of the lob club, and it's actually a total shocker. After years of rocking long locks for runways and movies, Cara Delevingne has chopped off her signature 'do. While you may think you've seen all the lobs you can handle, you've got to see Cara Delevingne's new hair cut because it's totally different for the star.

On Thursday, Delevingne took to her Instagram to make a cryptic post about the state of her hair. In the photo? Inches of dark blonde hair that had been shorn and fallen to the floor. In the caption? The haircut emojii meaning everyone knew what was coming. It was only a matter of when.

Well, later on Thursday afternoon, Delevingne took to the San Diego Comic Con carpet and debuted her new haircut. Cara Delevingne's long bob may not be something you ever thought you'd see, but there's little doubt that it's totally gorgeous and looks great on the star.

Delevingne is currently at Comic Con to promote her latest role in the film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. She, along with tons of other stars, are currently headed to San Diego for the occasion but as of Thursday, Delevingne's lob had won the style award for the day.

Dave Mangels/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The haircut, by Mara Roszak, was featured on the stylist's Instagram as it was happening. Roszak can be seen bouncing around Delevingne's formerly long locks as she sheers them off. Later, Delevingne herself took to her own Instagram to thank Roszak and the rest of glam team for the look.

While everyone is accustomed to Delevingne's longer tresses, her long bob is totally on trend, and it's a fun switch up for the star. Sure, lobs are kind of everywhere now, but there's a reason. They look great on everyone.

Dave Mangels/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sitting just below her shoulders and shorn into what seems like a blunt cut styled with waves, it's an easy style perfect for the actor and model's laid-back vibes.

Dave Mangels/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Aren't you glad you got to see Cara Delevingne's new haircut? You know you are because it's going to give you tons of inspo for your new chop, and unlike Kylie Jenner, this bob is real, everyone!