Cara's New 'Do Is Slyly Adventurous

Guys. GUYS. Big news. Cara Delevingne changed her hair. And no, she didn't get a lob. Nope, Cara Delevingne debuted an undercut for the beginning of 2015, prompting me to wonder why the hell she hasn't styled her hair like this sooner and, perhaps more importantly — what does Karl Lagerfeld think??

The newly appointed contributing editor of LOVE was recently photographed walking down the street rocking a side-shave revealing ponytail and denim cut offs (I'm shivering just thinking about that over here in subzero NYC). Although this style has been done and done ten times over, I can't help but appreciate it on Delevingne. It's kind of like she was born to sport an undercut.

Hear me out — for someone who's so high on amazing personal style (those t-shirts! that velvet blazer!), Cara Delevingne tends to play it safe when it comes to beauty. When was the last time she actually changed up her 'do (no, that time she went brunette doesn't count)? Her version of the undercut is actually pretty subtle since you'll only be able to see it when her hair is up, meaning her dirty blonde locks maintain their mermaid-y luster while the shaved bits add a punky edgy.

Love it! For good measure, here's a snap of Delevingne with a coiffure that mimics a side-shave without actually being one:

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

See what I mean? Born. For. That. Hair.

Image: Getty Images