12 Best Strapless Bras That Won’t Slip & Fall Down

In a world where there's a good chance that you will want to wear something strapless at some point in time, one thing is true: It's nice to have a good strapless bra that won't slip and fall down. The first time I wore strapless anything, I had not yet found mine. Because I was young, naïve, and emboldened my newly budding bosom, I went braless. That was the day I found myself exposed to a park full of people.

That terrifying day I learned that I would never wear a stretchy tube top ever again for as long as lived. I also learned that strapless bras that stay up are absolutely necessary, especially when they're backless strapless bras. Finding the best strapless bras has been an epic journey. There were times I thought I found my holy grail strapless bra. It would start off as it should, sitting high and feeling great. Then, sometime around midday, I would notice that my bra had slipped somewhere between my bellybutton and my ankles.

Finally, at 25, I can proudly say that I’ve found out what makes a perfect strapless bra, and I’m here to share those qualities with you, so that you won’t have to go through the same trauma I did. A few key points: silicone edges, wide back straps, and, of course, actual support.

1. Go For A Silicone Lined Demi For Support And Lift

Demi bras are great for creating cleavage if you want it, but when it comes to support, could use a little more help. This low cut bra has silicone strips to prevent slippage and lend that extra bit of stay-put support, but if you're still going after cleavage, it also has (removable!) padding.

2. Control Cleavage With This Sci-Fi Bra That Stays Put

This may look like just another strapless bra, but actually it's a full-on science project. It comes equipped with a manual air pump that allows you to control exactly how much cleavage you want to create. It's also backless (yes!) and has adhesive sides for a stay-put fit. One reviewer raved, "Never did I think a strapless, backless bra could push a 36D up and be supportive, let me tell you, this bra is fantastic. I think every woman should own one in every color."

3. Look For A Wide Back Strap For A No Slip Fit

It's unfortunate, but strapless bras for big chests are usually so hard to find in both stylish and supportive designs. Enter this bra that solves both of those problems. This lined sweetheart number has a floral jacquard fabric, underwire, and a wide back strap that keeps it up right where it belongs.

4. This Minimizer Bra Has The Best Staying Power

If minimizer bras are your go-to, finding a strapless version can be tricky. Thanks to a wide back strap with 4 hook-and-eye closures for extra security, soft boning and silicone-lined edges, this is a must-have bra for bustier chests. Because it's a smooth minimizer, it'll also be undetectable under your clothes, all while keeping you extra supported.

5. Try A Little Lace Bandeau With Plenty of Support

Adding a new lacy bandeau to my collection is always exciting, but the truth is they're usually more form than function. This lace bandeau solves that problem. It's as pretty as any lace lingerie, but this one uses a hidden underwire and silicone lining across the top for support and security.

6. This Sweetheart Strapless Has Silicone That Won't Slip

If you're going sans-straps and a little low cut, this is the bra you're going to want to grab, thanks to its plunging sweetheart neckline. In the support department, shaping foam cups and a wide band lined with silicone make this bra doubly secure.

7. A Comfy Bandeau With Support? Yes, Please!

Soft bandeaus are exactly the kind of comfy bra that everyone dreams about — except for the fact that they offer little to no lift. They sort of just sit there, squishing you in place. Not so with this seamless bra. Its no-slip banding, cupped underwire, and reinforced knitted center are truly what dreams are made of.

8. Get Support That Won't Budge With A Classic Strapless

While I love a good bells-and-whistles bra, sometimes a fuss-free classic will do. This strapless is just that. Underwire? Check. Silicone edging? Mmm hmm. Removable straps (just for kicks)? Yep! One 32DDD reviewer said she expected it to slip, but she "wore it all day, rolling around in bed and chasing my dog, and not once did it slip in any way, shape or form." I'll take one in every color, thanks.

9. Try A Longline Bra For No-Slip Security

I grew up with my mom praising longline bras, but I never saw their appeal. Little did I know that the extra couple of inches underneath meant way more support up top. This smooth, anti-slip bra has flexible side boning and silicone contoured cups for a lift that just does not slip.

10. This Bra Has Molded Padding To Help Give You Support

Finding a bra that gives you support without having to rely on straps can be a struggle, which is part of what makes this strapless lace bra so unique. Featuring hidden underwire and power bands with grip strip to provide extra support, this bra has specially molded hand-shaped structures within the cups that help lift you up while still remaining strapless. As an added bonus, this bra even comes with a back clasp extension so that you can always ensure a perfect fit.

11. The Perfect No-Fall Strapless for Fuller Chests

Though I'm envious of my buxom sisters, I do know that bra shopping can be annoying as hell if you're over a C-cup. This is a strapless bra designed for full chests that has underwire, side boning, and silicone grips along the bra's edges for a no-fall fit. And if you're concerned about visible lumps, say hello to a bra with smoothing double knit fabric.

12. Grab This Silicone Lined Stay-Put Strapless

When all else fails, just know a strapless bra with silicon will cling to you and give you the no-slip support you need. This strapless has double the silicone lining on its underwire and on its wings. Oh, and bonus feature: if cleavage is something you're after, it also has liquid-gel push up padding for a little Jessica Rabbit action.

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