What's In Kendall & Kylie's Fall 2016 PacSun Collection? Several Pieces Nod To The '90s

Kendall and Kylie Jenner were born in 1995 and 1997, respectively. They are children of the '90s. But both are a bit too young to remember a large chunk of the era. The fashionable sisters are still heavily influenced by the decade of their births. The Fall 2016 Kendall & Kylie PacSun Collection is here and the clothes are informed by a distinctly '90s point of view. Several of the latest Kendall & Kylie pieces are as '90s as it gets.

The collection is certainly designed for a California fall, which is still quite warm. It's comprised of high-waisted shorts, which are so right now and take inspo from the 70s. There are plenty of the Jenners' signature crop tops and rompers, too. But what items are as '90s as Drew Barrymore, Doc Martens, chokers, and brown lipstick?

Well, those denim overalls are super '90s, IMO. There is a slinky, charcoal, washed-look slip dress that looks pulled right from Courtney Love's vintage closet. I admit I bought one of those online yesterday. Some of the loose, flowing tank tops have built-in chokers, which are the most '90s accessory ever. Lastly, the baby tees are also '90s-riffic. Remember when everyone was rocking baby tees under slip dresses, which were paired with combat boots for that tough but feminine Riot Grrrl look?

I love how the K&K PacSun collections usher in new seasons like clockwork. It's time for back to school clothes shopping anyway. Consider this your '90s inspo shopping guide.

Jessica Wash Skinny Overalls, $69.95, PacSun

Sure, the skinny leg and high waist are modern and retro at once. But overalls will always signify the '90s to me. I don't care if you don't unhook one of the straps on the bib. The overalls still rep the '90s in my brain.

Washed Silky Slip Dress, $39.95, PacSun

This is such a versatile and simple dress. You can rock it out with boots and a thrifted, banged up cardigan. Or you can add heels for date night. I love this so much that I bought it.

Choker Neck Tank Top, $29.95, PacSun

This print tank with a V neck and built-in choker is the epitome of effortless accessorizing. Chokers have made a comeback this year and this blouse has its own.

Graphic Baby Tee, $22.95, PacSun

Tiny tees that show a bit of abdomen totally invoke the '90s. There's not a sliver of tummy showing here. But this styling is as '90s as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Button-Down Plaid Flannel, $36.95, PacSun

Flannel is emblematic of the '90s and its enduring grunge music soundtrack. I knew this collection had to include a variety of flannels that look borrowed from your boyfriend. And it does. It's cray versatile since you can wear it buttoned up, down, or totally open. You can tie it around your waist. You can toss it on during cool nights. So many possibilities!

The Fall 2016 K&K x PacSun collection will let you dose your fall wardrobe with plenty of '90s style.

Images: Courtesy of PacSun (6)