11 Justin Bieber's "Cold Water" Lyrics That Will Give You Such ‘Titanic’ Vibes

Guys, we're officially in the prime of summertime and, as such, it's super important that we all stay cool and hydrated at all times. Musically speaking, summer jams have a tendency to be absolute scorchers which do nothing for keeping our temperatures low when the heat is blasting outside. So let's all be thankful for Major Lazer's new song, "Cold Water", featuring Justin Bieber and MØ, which delivers a refreshing blast of cool, water inspired romance to keep you feeling fresh all summer long. The song, which also features the distinctive songwriting skills of Ed Sheeran is a blissed out ode to that special someone that you never want to let go off, even when they're stuck in troubled waters.

Featuring lyrics full of romantic affirmations, poetic gestures, and plenty of water metaphors, I couldn't help but notice one probably coincidental but startling thing about them — the lyrics to "Cold Water" are giving so many Titanic vibes that it's unreal. Perhaps Major Lazer's Diplo still feels sore about how Rose failed to save her beloved Jack in the cold water of the North Atlantic Ocean, or maybe Sheeran and Bieber have spent countless nights hanging out together and crying into vats of ice cream whilst re-watching Titanic on Netflix. Either way, the song has some eerily specific Titanic vibes happening.

Don't believe me? Watch the video for "Cold Water" below, and then check out these 11 lyrics from the song which totally prove my theory.

Major Lazer on YouTube

1. "Cause We All Get Lost Sometimes, You Know? / It's How We Learn, How We Grow"


When Jack and Rose first meet, he persuades her down from the front of the Titanic and saves her from a suicide attempt. They then embark on a beautiful romance where he teaches her the value of life and the virtues of true love (aww).

2. "Everybody Gets High Sometimes, You Know? / What Else Can We Do When We're Feeling Low"


Like, say, standing on the front of a ship together and feeling like you're flying? Totally.

3. "And If You Feel You're Sinking, I Will Jump Right Over / Into Cold, Cold Water For You"


Rose could have escaped quickly with the rest of the upper class guests, but she didn't. Not only did she remain on board, but she also went to go find Jack on the lower decks, even though she knew it might land them both in the cold water together.

4. "Come On, Come On/ Standing On A Rocking Boat / I Just Wanna Stay Afloat"


I really don't think I need to spell this one out for you, do I?

5. "And I Wanna Lay With You 'Til I'm Old / You Shouldn't Be Fighting On Your Own"


This could very well be taken as being Rose and Jack's romantic mantra for the entirety of Titanic. Jack doesn't think Rose should have live a joyless life in return for financial gain, and Rose doesn't think that Jack should be considered any less of person because of his lower, social standing. They want to be with each other regardless, and they're both willing to fight each other's corner to make that happen.

6. "I Won't Let Go"


Oh, come on. This is a direct quote. Major Lazer are kidding nobody right now.

7. "I'll Be Your Lifeline Tonight"


There was plenty of space on that floating wooden door for two people, but whatever. Jack plays hero by allowing Rose to take up all that space for herself in order to save her whilst he freezes to death. He was totally her lifeline that night.

8. "I'm All Alone"


You will never know what it is to be truly alone until you're floating in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, having just watched the love of your life die, and wondering if and when anyone will find and save you.

9. "Now, Now, Someone Come And Take Me Home / Someone Come And Take My Soul"


Waiting to be saved in an existential, romantic way is one thing, but literally needing to be saved from the middle of an ocean when you're still scared of freezing to death there is something else entirely.

10. "And Although Time May Take Us To Different Places / I Will Still Be Patient With You"


Different places, like death, maybe? Rose promised that she'd "never let go" of Jack in her heart, even if she had to let go of him physically. She would always love him, and that's one patient heart.

11. "So Take A Deep Breath And Let It Go"


In her later years, Rose takes a deep breath and finally lets go of the bulbous Heart Of The Ocean necklace that Cal gave her, dropping it into the water and absolving her of whatever guilt she was still carrying over Jack's death.

And to think, people called me crazy when I first made these connections. But clearly, the evidence is irrefutable. It's highly unlikely that anyone involved in the creation of "Cold Water" was heavily inspired by Titanic, but I'd like to think that, somewhere along the way, the movie unconsciously crept into the song lyrics, regardless.

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