Justin Bieber's Lyrics From "Cold Water" Show He'll Jump Right In To Save You — LISTEN

Justin Bieber isn't going to let you go through hard times alone. Well, at least that's what the lyrics from Bieber's song "Cold Water" say. Released on July 22, the main artist of "Cold Water" is Major Lazer, comprised of Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire, but Bieber's voice is unmistakable as he sings about not letting a love drown in her sorrow. Having worked with Diplo before on "Where Are Ü Now," Bieber's second collaboration with him is sure to be a massive success — and based on the sound and lyrics of the song, for good reason.

"Cold Water" was written by Benny Blanco and Ed Sheeran and since they were both involved in Bieber's hit "Love Yourself," it really shouldn't be surprising how low-key catchy the Biebs' new song is. Accompanied on vocals by MØ, Bieber starts off "Cold Water," by singing "Everybody gets high sometimes, you know/What else can we do when we're feeling low?" So if you thought that Bieber's partying ways were completely in the past, "Cold Water" shows that's not necessarily true. Yet, the main message of the song isn't actually about getting high and is much sweeter than that.

You may have read the lyrics before you even heard them, thanks to Bieber direct messaging them on July 20 to Twitter followers who tweeted with the hashtag #ColdWater2Days, but if you didn't get a DM from Bieber, the lyrics are now available through an official lyric video on Major Lazer's YouTube channel. (The song is also available to download and listen to through pretty much every music platform imaginable.)

Major Lazer on YouTube

Despite myself, I can't help but dig Bieber's sound since his album Purpose and "Cold Water" is definitely in line with this new Bieber I love. After his first two lines about understanding how sometimes you need to erase the pain, Bieber sings, "So take a deep breath and let it go/You shouldn't be drowning on your own." He's not only commiserating with whom he's singing to, the whole song is about being a support system for this person.

From there, the meat of the song follows with the pre-chorus and chorus.

And if you feel you're sinking, I will jump right overInto cold, cold water for youAnd although time may take us into different placesI will still be patient with youAnd I hope you know
I won't let goI'll be your lifeline tonightI won't let goI'll be your lifeline tonight

Besides the chorus making me want to dance, the message is one of sensitivity and thoughtfulness with him saying he'll be patient while this person is dealing with some tough stuff in her life. And if offering to be a lifeline isn't enough to make you swoon, just check out the second verse, which echoes the first.

Cause we all get lost sometimes, you know?It's how we learn and how we growAnd I wanna lay with you 'til I'm oldYou shouldn't be fighting on your own

Bieber knows a thing or two about getting lost like he references in the first part of the verse. And through his plethora of apologies, he definitely wants to make you think that he has learned and grown from his mistakes. Yet, I find it difficult to be snarky about Bieber's past when analyzing the lyrics of "Cold Water" because they are so damn encouraging, romantic, considerate, and kind. He knows you don't want to be fighting on your own! He wants to be laying with you until he's old! (Yes, it's grammatically incorrect, but still!) How can I not like this side of Bieber?


Well, if the lyrics of "Cold Water" are leaving you conflicted about your feelings toward Bieber like me, don't panic. The beat of the song will most likely distract you from what Bieber is singing about. However, you're still going to want to jump into some cold water with the Biebs after listening to this perfectly chill summer song.

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