Did JoJo & Jordan Have Sex In The 'Bachelorette' Fantasy Suite? Maybe, But It's None Of Our Business

I don’t know what it is about the fantasy suite on The Bachelor and the Bachelorette, but it turns all faithful viewers into giggling schoolchildren. Is it because we know that there could be sex involved? Or that a night alone between two consenting adults is funny? Whatever it is, it makes us silly, and it also makes us really nosy, and we ask questions like, “Did JoJo and Jordan have sex on The Bachelorette ?

Now, it’s super fun to speculate (I treat it as a sport), but we have no way of knowing, really. They have such crazy chemistry that my guess, should I venture one, would be “probably,” but unless JoJo and Jordan get on television and say, “Hell yes, we boned it out in the fantasy suite forever and ever,” there’s no surefire way of knowing. And you know what? That’s fine. Even though it’s on national television, it’s still really none of our business if Jordan and JoJo are doing the hibbity dibbity. In reality, the fantasy suite is made for more than just sex — it’s the only time that any of these couples have more than a minute without the cameras, so I’m sure there is genuinely a lot of talking and sharing there, too.

So what about Jordan and JoJo? Their chemistry is off the chain, but I think these two really needed the fantasy suite time to talk it out. JoJo asked Jordan a bunch of questions about what he wanted from his future, let's say, a year from now, and he had zero answers. It was like he took a pop quiz that he wasn't ready for — asking questions about what you want out of your life shouldn't be a trick, Jordan. And when JoJo doesn't get the answers she wants, she just keeps asking more questions until it's a spiraling question tornado and Jordan looks like he's going to defecate his seat. If they spend half as much time actually talking instead of making out, I think Jordan and JoJo's relationship would be on much more solid ground.

Images: Carl Costas/ABC