Is Sophie Turner On Snapchat? Sansa Stark Is Very Active On Social Media

Everyone may not be a fan of Sansa Stark on Game Of Thrones (though after her badassery in Season 6, it's hard not to be), but, in real life, Sophie Turner charms the pants off just about anyone. The 20-year-old actress, who's best friends with Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark, in real life, has a great presence on social media, sharing her incredible fashion choices, news about whatever huge blockbuster she's in (like GOT and X-Men), and pictures of her famous friends. So is Sophie Turner on Snapchat? Unfortunately, it looks like she's only a fan of Instagram and Twitter.

However, after some serious sleuthing, it looks like at one point in January, Turner did make a Snapchat account. But, apparently, it was just a cruel joke she played on fans. The Sophie Turner fan page on Reddit shows a tweet from January: "Guys follow me on Snapchat: sophiusturnblad." But the tweet was deleted, and, according to this Imgur thread, the only photo she ever snapped is a selfie with the caption: "Enough of these jokes." Apparently she doesn't care too much for snaps, because she tweeted her dislike for people cross-posting snaps to their Instagram pages all the way back in 2014. So unfortunately, you won't get to see Sophie with the puppydog filter any time soon.

That's OK, though: even if you wanted personal snaps from Sansa, there's plenty of good stuff on her other accounts. On Instagram, you can find lots of selfies with famous friend cameos — and yes, there's a lot of Maisie Williams. It's a little weird to see Arya and Sansa in fishnet tights and jeans, but they look adorable nonetheless. You can also catch other Game Of Thrones stars making appearances. (Like none other than Iwan Rheon, aka Sansa's mortal enemy Ramsay Snow, who she exacted beautiful revenge upon in Season 6. But IRL, they're pals.)

Turner's Instagram is a lot more personal than her Twitter account, where she mostly posts news about her shows, movies, and other projects. But it's another good way to get to know her: for example, did you know that the actress is hosting a docu-series on Huffpost UK called #PowerShift, about the way social media is a powerful tool to implement activism and change? The first episode, which premiered recently on July 13, focused on #BlackLivesMatter.

So, even though Turner sadly doesn't have a Snapchat, if you're a Sansa fan, her Instagram and Twitter should be plenty to tide you over. You can catch a lot of good behind-the-scenes action from her photoshoots, getting ready for awards shows, and more adorable stuff — like this selfie that was clearly just a ploy to catch none other than Ryan Gosling behind her at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Maybe she'll change her mind eventually, but, for now, looks like Sansa is steadfast in her Snapchat resistance. Just like her on-screen sister Maisie Williams.