Does JoJo Have Sex In 'The Bachelorette' Fantasy Suites? Her Decision Should Be Respected

Attraction and chemistry play a key role in any Bachelor or Bachelorette season, which is a big part of what makes The Bachelorette Fantasy Suites episode such a fan favorite. Because, in many cases, it represents that the time for talking is over (well, or at least put on hold for a bit) as the remaining couples debate taking their relationship to the next level. So naturally, with Monday night's episode right around the corner, viewers are anxiously wondering whether or not JoJo will have sex in the Fantasy Suite — and if so, then with who?

Now, of course, a big part of me knows that it's really none of our business to be let in on something so personal. This is JoJo's life, after all, and she deserves some privacy, especially in regards to something this intimate. However, this is a reality dating show that's being broadcast on national television, so it'd be naive to think that the question won't get brought up. But it's important for us to remember that if JoJo does decide to have sex with any of the remaining guys, her decision deserves to be respected. You may not agree with her choice, but it is her’s and her’s alone to make, and as viewers we should all respect that.


From the very beginning of the season, JoJo has proven that she's more than capable of making her own decisions and staying true to what she wants. When Chad went over the line and started making threats to some of the other suitors, she didn't try to ignore the situation and move on. She confronted it head on, telling Chad face-to-face that his time on the show was done since his behavior was unacceptable.

Then there was the time she didn't know who to send home between Alex and James Taylor, so she ended up sending neither home until she could fully explore those feelings and know for sure what she wanted. We may not agree with the specific guys she's taking a deep liking to, but she isn't being careless with her emotions. She's going with her gut and going with what makes her happy, which is really the whole reasons she signed up to do this show in the first place. This is her love story and we need to allow her to tell it and live it in her own way, not the way we think she should.


I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly concerned with where this season is going. She's said goodbye to some really great guys that would definitely treat her in a way she deserves. (Looking at you, James Taylor and Derek!) But the heart wants what it wants, and if JoJo ends up feeling close enough to one of these remaining four guys to the point of sharing an intimate night with them, then she should go for it. Sex is an important part of any relationship and could help give her clarity in determining whether or not she wants to commit herself to this person in the long run. So whatever may unfold during Fantasy Suites week, let's try our best to be supportive of our girl and hope that it will bring her one step closer to that happily ever after she's been looking for.

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