7 Pokemon Makeup Tutorials That Are A Poke Trainer's Dream Come True — VIDEOS

You’ve likely seen the hoards of zombie-like people walking around staring at their phones. No, they’re not sending a text message or scrolling through Instagram. They’re playing none other than the game Pokémon Go, of course. Whether you’re taking part of the action through the app or no, there’s no denying it’s going to be fun to create some Pokémon makeup looks IRL using these tutorials as your guides.

These gorgeous makeup how-tos are not only going to take your Pokémon Go playing to the next level, but they’re also going to look great wherever you go, a.k.a. wherever the app takes you. What? Those rare creatures are worth the walk! This makeup definitely isn’t too over-the-top to be worn to the office or for any other moment when you’re not playing on your phone (as if you ever stop). Even if you’re not familiar with all of the characters, you’ll still be able to appreciate these gorgeous beauty moments. What’s not to love about some brightly colored makeup, you know?

Check out these tutorials to learn how to finally feel like an actual Jiggly Puff (or your Pokémon of preference) in real life. Let’s make your dream to transform into a Pokémon come true with a little makeup, shall we? You’re definitely going to want to catch (uhh, I mean recreate) each and every one of these looks for yourself!

1. Jiggly Puff

Curled tuft of hair and bright eyes? This eye shadow how-to will get you looking like an adorable Jiggly Puff in no time.

2. Pokémon Go

Aspen Rae Beauty on YouTube

This makeup will definitely get you in the mood to catch some Pokémon.

3. Pikachu

Desi Perkins on YouTube

Bold lips and an even brighter eye shadow? Yeah, there's no going wrong with this makeup, Pokémon fan or no.

4. Charmander

Alexa Poletti on YouTube

This Charmander makeup tutorial is truly fire, doing true justice to the fire-breathing character.

5. Flareon

clawdeena9 on YouTube

You'll be looking fierce as Flareon with this dramatic eye makeup.

6. Team Mystic

Represent your team with a bright blue beauty look that's so much fun to wear.

7. Pokéball

Pokéball-inspired makeup will definitely encourage you to catch 'em all!

Makeup on, apps open and go! You've got some Pokémon to catch, after all.

Images: tartecosmetics/Instagram (1); YouTube (6)