American Apparel Releases Another Controversial Ad Campaign, "Made in Bangladesh"


American Apparel is no stranger to things that make us go hmmm. In the past few months alone they've delivered a 62-year-old model in lingerie and mannequins with full-on pubic hair, but the brand has long come under fire for their racy, hyper-sexual advertisements. Their latest campaign is no exception.

The NSFW ad features a bare-chested model with the words "Made in Bangladesh" printed across her breasts. The image is undoubtedly intense, and at first glance may seem unnecessary. After all, aren't women sexualized in media enough? But the meaning behind the shoot may change your mind.

According to the official statement released with the image and reproduced at ELLE, the model's name is Maks, a Bangladesh-born merchandiser who has worked with the company since 2010. The lengthy statement goes on to explain the message intended by the advertisement:

We have to admit, that seems pretty cool. After all, Maks is owning her body in this image. She stares straight out at the camera, and not seductively. This is an "I dare you to criticize me" stare. Maks is topless for herself, not for you.

Besides, embracing an ad featuring a semi-nude Muslim woman who is consenting to her nudity seems kind of... feminist. Touché, American Apparel.

Image: American Apparel