Getting To Know Woody Kaine

by Morgan Brinlee

While Republicans may have had a hard time keeping their veep announcement a secret, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton managed to keep everyone guessing up until the final minute. While Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine was thought to be on Clinton's vice presidential shortlist, there were are few other contenders still under serious consideration fueling days of intense speculation in the run-up to Clinton's announcement. But now that the number one question on everyone's mind has been answered, what do we know about Clinton's running mate? Kaine's political career and voting record have already been well dissected by the media, but not much is known about the Virginia senator's children. Who is Woody Kaine? The senator's second son is a bit of a mystery.

An accomplished politician, Sen. Kain has spent much of his career front and center in the media. But it's a different story for his three children. Kaine has two sons and one daughter with former juvenile court judge Anne Holton. The couple's eldest son, Nat, then a Marine Corps reservist and recent graduate from George Washington University ROTC, was briefly brought into the political spotlight in 2012 to help deflect allegations Kaine would slash military funding during the Democrat's Senate race, the Washington Examiner reported.

Born in 1992, two years after his older brother, Woody was reportedly around 6 years old when his father first became mayor of Richmond and 13 when his family became Virginia's First Family following his father's election as governor. It seems highly likely Woody was named after his uncle Abner Linwood "Woody" Holton III, a 2007 National Book Award finalist and professor at the University of South Carolina. Now 24, Woody, while surely supportive of his father, seems to keep a bit of distance between him and the media that scrutinizes father's career.

According to his mother, Woody attended Carleton College, a private liberal arts school in Minnesota. He's listed — along with what looks to be a high school graduation picture — in a 2011 roster from the college of new students. Although Woody's major is not known, the 24-year-old appears to have explored filmmaking as part of his university studies. A video he reportedly produced and directed as a class project four years ago remains on Vimeo while a short titled Mediadrome he helped film two years ago is also accessible. Up until 2013 Woody shared many of his film projects on his personal blog. It's unclear if Woody has since graduated or is still pursuing his studies.