This App Helps Caffeine Addicts Get Their Zzs

Ever have trouble sleeping after drinking coffee too late in the day? All together now: there’s an app for that! No seriously, there’s an app that will track your sleeping patterns and caffeine intake to help you decide when to consume your last iced Americano, can of Red Bull, dose of Midol, or whatever your choice source of the stimulant may be.

According to Business Insider, a company called Jawbone, which is responsible for the UP24 sleep and exercise-tracking wristband, created the UP Coffee app to help you make such important decisions. By logging your daily caffeine intake and entering when you want to be ready for sleep, UP Coffee will let you know if it's OK to drink that last cup of cold brew coffee. I can imagine this will be a valuable tool for post college grads who are still recovering from years of caffeine-fueled all-nighters (never again!).

Although you can use the app on its own, it works much better if you have Jawbone's fitness band. When both forces join, it’s like a super app that can even tell you exactly how much sleep you're loosing per 100 mg of caffeinated deliciousness you’re consuming. Pretty cool, right?

There's more! UP Coffee has a huge selection of beverage/food choices to pick when tracking your caffeine intake, everything from Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts specifics to Rockstar and Redbull and even Midol. Oh yeah, and M&Ms have caffeine in them too, just FYI.

Seeing as it is National Sleep Month, I think UP Coffee is worth a try. iPhones are basically extra appendages at this point anyway, why not use them to get more sleep?