Victor Returns To The 'Big Brother 18' House & Everyone Is (Mostly) Glad To See Him

Don’t you just love a good twist in your favorite television show? Big Brother certainly has the best of them, and Big Brother 18 is certainly no different. The special bonus “Battle Back” episode of Big Brother 18 had this seasons’ evicted houseguests — Glenn, Tiffany, Jozea, Victor, and Bronte — fighting for a space back in the house and a chance at that cool half a million dollars. Who emerged victorious — Victor won the Big Brother 18 Battle Back contest and moved back in, y’all!

To get back into the house, he had to beat Jozea in a game of almost-tennis, Bronte in a memorization game, and Tiffany in a giant climbing wall-cum-puzzle activity, and he did so, handily. I mean, how could you not love Victor? But the best part of Victor’s return to the house was that no one knew that he was coming back. When Julie Chen announced to the remaining houseguests that one evicted one would be coming back in, they were horrified and excited — it was hard to tell their feelings, except that all of their stomachs fell out of their bodies. When it was revealed that it was Victor that was back on Big Brother 18, the houseguests seemed glad that it was Victor! I mean, it’s better than Tiffany, right?

But now what? Victor vowed to be nice to everyone but told the camera that he’s ready to play dirty. He got stabbed in the back, or so he says, by the rest of the houseguests, and I’m thinking that hell hath no fury like a Big Brother 18 contestant scorned. Now that Victor has a second chance at that $500,000, he’s not going down quietly. He’s going to do what it takes to bring that money home, and I can’t wait to see it happen.

Images: Bill Inoshita/CBS