Who is Mary Kathleen Burns, Tim Kaine's Mother? The Vice-Presidential Candidate Comes From A Totally Relatable Family

It's official: Democratic Virginia Senator Tim Kaine will be Hillary Clinton's pick for vice-presidential nominee in her run for office this election season. Now that Kaine has been announced as Clinton's running mate by, well, Clinton herself, the media will be picking apart every facet of Kaine's life and career in an effort to get to know this politician as thoroughly as possible — and that includes everything from his decisions as a senator to his family. For instance, it's worth wondering who Kaine's mother, Mary Kathleen Burns, is — after all, family can a lot about an individual.

Unsurprisingly, though, there actually isn't much known about Kaine's mother yet. According to CNN, Mary Kathleen Kaine, née Burns, is a teacher, and, according to IrishCentral, of Irish descent. She married Kaine's father, Albert Alexander Kaine, Jr. — an ironman who owned a small iron-working shop in Kansas City, Kansas — and together, they had three sons: Tim, and his brothers, Steve and Patrick. The Virginian-Pilot, a local paper in Virginia, suggested in 2005 that Mary may go by her middle name, Kathleen, and is a home economics teacher.

This is also backed up by The Kansas City Star, which reports that Kathleen and Al met as students at Kansas State University, and they still live in the Kansas City area — in fact, the paper reports they lived in the same home where Kaine himself grew up for 46 years, before moving not long ago.

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Now that Kaine has been named Clinton's running mate in the election, there's no doubts that we'll be getting to know him — as well as his family — even better very soon.