Twitter Reactions To Too Faced’s Christmas In New York Palette Prove It's Christmas In July

Whenever this brand launches a palette, you can be sure that it’s going to have incredible colors that smell even better than they look. It should come as no surprise then that when Too Faced announced a holiday-themed palette, the brand would do it bigger and better than ever. These Twitter reactions to Too Faced’s Christmas In New York palette prove that December can’t get here fast enough.

That feeling of Christmas in July has never been more real than when Too Faced Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director took to Instagram on Jul. 22 to tease the 2016 Christmas palette. He’s showing off that this Christmas In New York theme is just as magical as the movies portray it. These shadows are deeply pigmented colors that will smell incredible. And based on the Instagram teasing, the palette will contain coffee, chocolate, and vanilla macaroon scents. Clearly, this is going to be the best holiday season yet.

Very little information about price and launch dates has been released, but that doesn’t mean that Twitter isn’t already freaking out over the news. The holidays are already pretty great, and when you add makeup to the mix, they only get better. The beauty-obsessed percentage of folks online already see this palette's major potential.

Seriously. Can it be December, already? Check out some of the hype on social media below.

1. Oh Boy!

Grab your wallets, everyone! You're going to need this as soon as it's available.

2. Wishlist

This palette is at the very top of everyone's wish list, for sure.

3. Ready For Christmas

Someone transport me to the month of December.

4. Can't Wait

The countdown to Christmas is going to be more difficult to get through this year.

5. I'm Crying

It's just too pretty.

6. Christmas List

Yep, you already know what you're asking for this year, huh?

7. Need

I don't want this palette. I need it. There's a big difference, you know?

8. Under The Tree

This is the only thing I need to see underneath the tree. #ChristmasGoals

9. Chocolate At Christmastime

There's nothing better than chocolates during the holidays, especially when in the form of makeup.

10. Buy This

To all gift-givers: Just buy this.

11. Worth The Wait

Christmas seems so far away, but this palette is worth the wait.

I'll just be here counting down the days and making the necessary preparations. Santa, don't let me down.