Twitter Reactions To ColourPop's New Liquid Lipstick Applicator Are Pretty Mixed

If you got your recent ColourPop Cosmetics lipstick purchase and it looked a little different, you're not alone. According to the company's Snapchat, ColourPop changed its liquid lipstick applicator for some of the newer shades. Although the brand tweaked the look of the lip brush for a good reason, Twitter isn't all too happy about the new wand.

When ColourPop released its new Ultra Metallic Lips, it wasn't just the formula that had changed up. Without any notice to its fans, the company seemingly decided to try out an all new applicator tip. Compared to the original wand, this one has a lot more bristles on the end that are also a bit longer. According to the indie beauty retailer's Snapchat, the longer-haired tip was designed to pick up more of the product and make the color apply easier. From my experiences, it definitely does this!

Unfortunately, many fans aren't all that thrilled about the look of the applicator or the way it works. ColourPop is one of my all-time favorite brands, but I thought the look of its original wand was perfect the way it was. The company also announced on its Snapchat that it is listening to all of the fan feedback about the wand and will take all of these opinions under consideration when deciding whether to make the change permanent.

It's clear from the photo that the tip is much fluffier than it was before. From an up-close look at the old and new applicator, you can really spot the difference.

The left is the old applicator from the Ultra Matte Lip in Chi. The one on the right is the brand new applicator from the Ultra Metallic Lip in Man Eater. The differences in the two are pretty obvious. But here's what Twitter has to say about the big change.

It looks a little sad.

Hate is a strong word.

People think it's a little too big.

Some say it's even harder to use.

It might have been invented to pick up more product, but some don't think it's working.

It's making a good first impression.

They didn't announce the change, so people thought it was just a mistake.

Perhaps the moral of the story here is that if it's not broken, one mustn't try to fix it.

Images: ColourPopCo/Snapchat (1), Kali Borovic (1)