Where To Buy Kylie Jenner's Name Cartilage Earrings For Personalized Jewelry Of Your Own — PHOTOS

This celeb is no stranger to body modifications. She’s been very open about her tattoos and lip fillers, and now, she’s taken to social media to show off some new additions to her earring collection. Find out where to buy Kylie Jenner’s name cartilage earrings so that you can wear your name on your ear, too. Because I mean, come on, you’ve got to admit this is pretty cute.

Jenner took to Instagram and Snapchat to show off earrings that spell out none other than her world-famous moniker. The little “Kylie” studs are adorable, but are also quite the commitment. According to Daily Mail, these studs are from the brand Aurum + Grey. Considering these specific versions actual post earrings, this could mean Jenner's piercings are real. I was thinking the may be magnetic (because that's a whole lot of piercings, you know?), but if these they are real, it shows just how serious Jenner’s is about her bling. Cartilage piercings are in at the moment, so permanent or no, nothing would surprise me.

Shop letter earrings and add a personal touch to your accessories, just like Jenner. If you’re willing to get a piercing for each letter in your name, you can always just wear a letter or two. Go with just your initials, if that's what you're into! Check out her new cartilage accessories for inspiration and then get to shopping, shall we?

Representing in the most stylish way possible.

She's just too cool.

Initial Stud, $78, Aurum + Grey

The Daily Mail reports these are the same studs Jenner is wearing, so obviously these are the earrings to shop.

Monogram Posts, $20, Anthropologie

These tiny gold letters will give you all of the metallic personalization you could hope for.

Ice Alpha Studs, $28, Baublebar

Add a little extra bit of shine to your look with these rhinestone versions.

What would Jenner do? She'd spell her name with her earrings, and honestly, so should you!

Images: kylizzlemynizzyl/Snapchat (1); Courtesy Brands (3)