The Official 'Wonder Woman' Trailer Is Here

Folks, my heart is beating a mile a minute. I have just finished watching (for about the 20th time) the first full-length trailer for Wonder Woman . You guys, this film is going to be gobsmackingly amazing. Like, get your Wonder Woman cosplay gear together now because you'll want to be the first in line, dressed to the nines, ready to welcome this film into your local theaters. If there was any doubt in your mind before this trailer premiered, I really hope its been erased. There is not a boring moment in sight if this trailer is indeed a microcosm of what's to come. Wonder Woman is set to be the most empowering, action-packed, exciting, adventurous and feminist female-led comic book adaption we've ever had. Guys, I'm all about Wonder Woman right now.

So what do we learn? The trailer is packed to the gills with action, adventure and some simmering romance. We also get to peep the many locations of Wonder Woman, from Themyscira (Wonder Woman's home) to Europe and everything in between. There are some moments of levity (word to the wise: watch the trailer until the very end) and some rather lovely shots of Chris Pine's dreamy mug. But the one major take-away? Gal Gadot is the perfect Wonder Woman, full-stop. Here are some of the other tidbits I picked up on after multiple trailer viewings:

1. Steve Trevor Meets Wonder Woman By Accident

It's no surprise that given the wartime setting and Steve's occupation as a fighter pilot, he's bound to crash somewhere rather exotic while he's fighting the good fight. Luckily for him, he crash lands on Themyscira and the real adventure begins. You can practically feel the romance blossoming as Wonder Woman discovers the existence of men.

2. Wonder Woman Has Some Amazing Gear

We get to see her Lasso of Truth, bullet-yielding shield and armor in action in some truly amazing shots. The only weapon you may not see is her invisible jet — hopefully that comes to fruition in the Justice League . It doesn't mean I am any less excited to see her gear in all its glory when the film comes out.

3. Who Is The Major Villain?

It looks like this may be the big baddie of Wonder Woman, played by the ever-ominous looking Danny Huston. From the look of his garb, Wonder Woman may be out to take down a high-ranking army officer bent on world domination.

4. The Supporting Cast Is Fantastic

Gadot and Pine aren't the only big names in this epic film. Joining them are Connie Nielsen (The Good Wife), Robin Wright (House of Cards), David Thewlis (the Harry Potter series), Elena Anaya (Van Helsing), and Lucy Davis (Shaun of the Dead).

5. Wonder Woman Will Be In The Trenches

It looks like Wonder Woman will be drawn into some major trench warfare. She looks chills as ever climbing that ladder, though, so don't worry about her safety. How precisely will she get drawn into the battles of men? Oh, and speaking of safety...

6. Wonder Woman Can Fight Better Than Any Man

...If you have any doubts about Wonder Woman being able to hold her own, don't worry. She's got this, you guys. Be prepared to witness some epic slow-motion moments of her epic strength and battle skills being put to the test. Does she not literally exude power in every frame?

7. The WWI Setting Is Perfection

It's always fun to take a trip back in time and see the origin settings of some of our favorite heroes. The effect was charming in Captain America: The First Avenger; and similarly, the turn-of-the-century vibes of the world of Wonder Woman look just as inviting.

8. The Amazons Are Total Badasses

Looks like we're going to get a peek not only at Wonder Woman's fighting skills, but all of the Amazonian women. Here, we see General Antiope (Wright) taking down a foe with total ease. I am so ready for these battle sequences, y'all.

9. We Know Who Wonder Woman's Father Is

It looks like we'll get a peek at Wonder Woman's mythological roots. At one point, Steve asks if she ever met her father, to which she replies, "I have no father. I was brought to life by Zeus." Bruce Wayne and Superman can't boast those kinds of mythical beginnings, can they?

10. Wonder Woman Has Strong Opinions About Secretaries

In a bit of comic relief, we meet Steve's secretary, Etta Candy (Davis). Wonder Woman appears confused about what exactly a secretary is, but her response is pound-for-pound a very suffragette-esque remark. I hope she has more one-liners like her reply, "Well, where I come from, that's called 'slavery.'" You go, girl.

11. The Feminist Vibes Are So Strong

Honestly, every frame of this trailer is so full of feminist feels, it's hard not to be left feeling more empowered than ever. By the time the official logo and title pop up, with an epic score playing, you'll be ready to suit up and go kick the patriarchy's butt too.

Make sure to have a look for yourself and see what great details you can spot in the trailer below.

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube (12)