Princess Diana Tricked Oprah Winfrey Into Eating Full-Fat Mousse, Everyone

After watching the latest trailer for OWN's docuseries on Lindsay Lohan's road to rehabilitation, it looks like either Oprah Winfrey underestimated Lohan's strength or Lohan tricked the mogul into thinking she was much more serious about the process than she actually is. If it's the latter, it wouldn't be the first time the wise journalist and businesswoman was tricked by a female in the spotlight — Princess Diana once fooled Oprah over dinner.

Princess Diana's personal chef, Darren McGrady, revealed to the Huffington Post that when the two dined together once, they both were served a plate of tomato mousse — except it wasn't from the same pot. While Winfrey was served a portion of the mousse that was fatty and rich, Diana dined on a portion that was completely fat-free and diet friendly.

When Winfrey tasted the dish, she promptly asked Princess Diana,"Diana, how do you stay so slim eating rich food like this?" The princess sneakily replied, "I just eat small portions and work out!"

According to McGrady, Princess Diana never revealed to Winfrey what ingredients were really behind the dinner dish. While Diana was strict about her diet, unlike most royals, she was laid back when it came to the kitchen. McGrady also revealed that Princess Diana would eat lunch while sitting on the kitchen countertop when she wasn't accompanied by anyone for the meal. It seems like Prince William married a woman just like mom, because Kate Middleton is also rather laid back when it comes to cooking.

"Tradition had it that whenever one of the royals got married, they would take one of the queen's chefs, one of mummy's chefs who knew how they liked their food. Then you have William and Kate who are saying, 'No we want to cook; we want to shop for our own food," McGrady said. "Kate's a commoner. She loves to cook and she wants to do that. I think the princess would've been thrilled with Kate."

While Prince Will never got to get mom's approval on Kate, sounds like he got a big thumbs up from her chef.