The Yellow King Theory = The Only Theory

HBO's True Detective wraps up its murdery mystery tour this Sunday, and I will miss its presence (Rust Cohle's speeches? I'll miss you most of all). I’ve enjoyed the grisly, creepy show. I've enjoyed the spoofs. I've enjoyed the fanfic. I’ve also enjoyed dissecting and discussing and reading the best True Detective theories. Hit me with every single one of your theories about the serial killer’s identity. I want to hear all of them. Even the metaphysically impossible. I’ll gobble ‘em up with a spoon. That being said, while all of these theories are interesting and entertaining, they pale in comparison to The Yellow King Theory. It obliterates every other hypothesis.

Big Meeting kindly shared their theory regarding the True Detective killer/The Yellow King. So, who might The Yellow King be? Watch the enlightening and jaw-dropping. vid.

Wait, before you start the video, make sure you're sitting down. Make sure you aren't eating or drinking anything. And make sure you have a glass of water on hand to splash your face with. You're going to need it.

I can't believe I didn't pick up on that, you'll think. I can't believe I missed those clues time and time again. And I thought I was a good TV watcher!

Don't kick yourself! The hints, though they've been there all along, are so subtle:

Image: HBO