Is Kylie Jenner Releasing An Eye Kit?

by Eliza Florendo

Rumors about Kylie Jenner's new beauty products have been swirling around for months—and her little social media teases are certainly building the hype. Thanks to an Instagram she posted on Sunday, we have to ask: Is a Kylie Jenner eye kit in the works? I sure hope so, since I've completely fallen in love with my Dolce K Lip Kit that I was lucky enough to score.

Just a couple of days ago, on Friday, Kylie Cosmetics posted an Instagram video about her #summersurprises. Throughout the summer, Kylie's been releasing new products on Kylie Cosmetics, like new lip kit colors and lip liners and glosses that are separate from her lip kits. But it's far from over, she said in her video. Needless to say, her fans are crazy excited.

In the video, Jenner said that she wanted to let her fans in on one of the biggest Kylie Cosmetics surprises. She expressed her excitement, and said that she's "been working on [it] for a really really long time." But what could it be? And although Monday was just three days away—she couldn't help but release yet another hint. This got her fans super excited. If you haven't gotten your wallets and your fingers ready to click, start your exercises now.

On Sunday night, Jenner posted a gif on her personal Instagram, as well as on her Kylie Cosmetics account. The gif is of an eye blinking, in black and white, full lashes, liner, and strong brow.

Looks like we'll need to tune in to her app or website to see what it's all about!

But I have a feeling it's going to be some sort of lip kit. Hollywood Life reported back in April that apparently, a fan site claimed that Kylie Jenner Inc. registered for three trademark names in the end of March. Kyliner, Kybrow, and Kyshadow were the three names—all of which she's used in her Instagram captions in the past.

This sounds to me like her next move, especially since the gif on her Instagram is of a blinking eye. And, given the success of the Kylie Lip Kits, it only makes sense that she'd go with a lip kit for her next eye products, too. But I have to know—will it be eyeliners, eyeshadows, mascaras, brow gels, and other products, or will it include the tools, too, like brushes?

I guess only time will tell. But it looks like her fans are already freaking out.

Dang, now I'm getting way too hyped, too! Looks like her fans have quite the theories: is it going to be an eyeshadow palette, falsies, or mascara? I'm not sure—what I am sure of is that I'm setting my alarm bright and early. And preparing for the Internet to crash.