Jude Law Joins Melissa McCarthy, Paul Feig, & Jason Statham In 'Susan Cooper'

Well, this movie is shaping up to be one of our most anticipated: Remember Susan Cooper , that Melissa McCarthy-starring, Paul Feig-directing, Jason Statham-co-starring spy flick that's set to be mainly populated by a racially diverse group of hilarious women? Yeah, Susan Cooper just added Jude Law to the cast.

We loved that McCarthy had a complete lack of romantic love interest in The Heat — it was all about the Sandra Bullock bromance, just like it needed to be — but we'd wager Law's role here might be in the love-interest-y realm, and we're okay with that because, frankly, we'd love to see Jude Law desperately try to woo Melissa McCarthy as Melissa McCarthy's all "sorry bro I got a world to save/spying to do."

As far as I can tell, the actual logline for this project's still being kept close to the vest, but between Law, Statham as the typically tough-seeming co-spy, and Feig's direction for this movie being, as he said a “vehicle for a group of ethnically diverse comic actresses,"* this one already seems like a winner. Add the simple fact that McCarthy's doing her thang as the leading lady, and it might just be unbeatable.

Now, if only the release date was May 2014, not 2015. It's too long to wait.

*Update: This is an error. The ethnically diverse vehicle film Feig is referring to is one he is working on with writer Melissa Stack; Susan Cooper a separate project. Both sound cool.