Jason Statham & Melissa McCarthy: Buddy Spies

It's officially official! Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy are going to be playing wacky buddy spies, him the grizzly more traditional image of an action hero, her a (probably) gruff-but-delightful co-spy. Are you all ready for Susan Cooper?

The movie will be directed by Paul Feig in another of his lady-fronted, Melissa McCarthy-starring films. The previous ones were Bridesmaids and The Heat — the man seems to be on a pretty great mission. And now, Susan Cooper has both halves of its unlikely spy duo, and it's about time: This has all been in talks since October.

According to Variety, Statham was "weighing other options" during this time, which kind of makes us question Statham's taste levels. But he came over to the side of the righteously hilarious in time, so we'll give him that. And besides, this isn't really Statham's movie, anyway. As Feig said when he announced the idea, he was looking for it to be a “vehicle for a group of ethnically diverse comic actresses." I am all for that. I can't wait to see the casting rundown of that group of ladies. About McCarthy and that group... :

I’m always looking for an excuse to gather a bunch of funny women together, and Melissa’s amazing take on this idea really made me laugh. I’m thrilled to be working with her and excited to really nail our Paso Doble on Dancing With The Stars.

Susan Cooper's set to be a spy movie franchise in the vein of the James Bond films, only likely way more hilarious and hopefully way less misogynistic. And starring Melissa McCarthy, which — I'm sorry, James Bond fans — just automatically makes it better than any spy movie of the past fifty years, because Melissa McCarthy. I can still hold out hope that Adele will do the theme song, though, right?