Miley Has A New Ring On That Finger...

Truth be told, there's a lot of speculation surrounding Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's relationship. The two definitely seem to be (re)-engaged — Billy Ray Cyrus has as much as confirmed it and the "Wrecking Ball" singer wears her engagement ring from the actor — but the two have yet to publicly confirm it (and, in fact, Hemsworth denied that he was engaged back in April). Hmm. But Cyrus' latest Instagram photo only adds more fuel to the fire, particularly because she seems to be sporting a wedding band on that finger — which is obviously making the whole world wonder if Cyrus and Hemsworth are already married. (A rep for Cyrus could not be reached at the time of publication.) Let's take a look.

In a photo of herself lounging in the pool, Cyrus — rocking the most badass bathing suit with a print of what appears to be Seth Rogen smoking a blunt — is also casually sporting a thin diamond ring on her left ring finger. It's the perfect complement to her silver mani, to be sure, but it's also got people thinkin' that she and Hemsworth may already be secretly married. I mean, it does look like a legit wedding ring, after all. And it is on that hand...

Still, since Cyrus posted the photo on Sunday, there has been nothing but rampant speculation — as in, no concrete proof that the two have tied the knot in secret, and you know that TMZ would be all over those court docs if that were the case.

And interestingly enough, Cyrus chose instead to rock her regular engagement ring when she went out to dinner with Hemsworth later that night — maybe to throw off the paps, maybe because she wanted to, maybe because the rumored wedding ring isn't official and she didn't want to create any more buzz than there already was. Whatever the case, the possible wedding ring wasn't on her finger (and according to HollywoodLife, there was also no band on Hemsworth's ring finger, either).

Which means that as of right now, until there is confirmation otherwise, it seems like Cyrus and Hemsworth are still just engaged. Or something. Whatever their ~official relationship status~, it's beyond clear that the two are super happy — and super in love.

Plus, this is me still holding out for a lavish Cyrus/Hemsworth wedding. A girl can dream, right?