Watch Single People Wear Wedding Rings For A Week

Wedding rings are weird. It always made sense to me why Carrie wore Aidan's engagement ring on a necklace in Sex and the City, because giving your ring finger over to your boo isn't always an easy adjustment. And when single people wear wedding rings for a week in a new Buzzfeed video, their reactions reveal just how odd the custom can be.

It's a bit different from getting married IRL, but going from single AF to faux wifed (or husband'd) up in this experiment makes participants voice many of the same ring complaints actual married people have. First off, if you use a computer or piano keyboard a lot, your ring can hit the keys constantly and drive you insane. Second, it's gross to eat messy things like french fries or barbecue when you have this fancy ass bling on. And third, when you take off your ring to wash your hands, there's no guarantee it won't slip into the sink or toilet, and make your life an anxious, living hell as you desperately try to get it back.

Good thing wearing a ring isn't "required" for being married these days. And in fact, plenty of men and women are going without.

Images: BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube