Kylie Cosmetics' KyShadow Photos Are Gorgeous

Just when you thought Kylie Jenner had perfected her Kylie Cosmetics brand, she turns around and throws out a #SummerSurprise only she's capable of doing. On Monday, Jenner officially announced her KyShadow palette, and these photos of Kylie Cosmetics' KyShadow will make you so excited. With shades that are definitely so Kylie Jenner and completely on trend, my money would be on these gorgeous new Kylie Cosmetics family members selling out even quicker than Jenner's original lip kits.

Jenner had been teasing the announcement on her social media since last week, and many had developed theories regarding what the Kylie Cosmetics' #SummerSurprises could be. From questions about Jenner creating her own line of foundation to hypotheses that eye products were coming. After all, several weeks ago, Jenner did trademark KyBrow, KyLiner, and KyShadow. As it turns out, KyShadow is the #SummerSurprise that Jenner was so excited to announce, and it's going to have fans scrambling to get their hands on it.

The KyShadow palette has been Jenner's staple product for months now according to a video posted to her website, and she's finally revealing it to fans. On Monday, Jenner released a video on her website and mobile app that gave fans a sneak peek into what the palette looks like, and no one is surprised that they're all gorgeous.

The photos of Kylie Cosmetics' KyShadow will make you so excited. From the deep black hue of Obsidian to the beautiful, light rosy brown of Quartz, Jenner outdid herself and showcased the shades and packaging shortly on her Snapchat shortly after the video announcement.

While the product is different, Jenner managed to keep the signature dripped look of Kylie Cosmetics on the KyShadow Bronzed Palette. Plus, according to her Snapchat, the drips coordinate with the shades, giving the packaging a fun detail.

The shades in the palette are all varying hues of brown, but they also each seem to be named after gemstones and crystals of some type. If you've watched Jenner's Snapchats on the regular, you know she has a love for crystal and stones making the names — and not just the colors — very Kylie.

After showing off the packaging, Jenner opened up the KyShadow palette and started swatching the warm toned browns for fans. Best part? It's super easy to tell just how pigmented these babies are. Jenner definitely took her time to make sure these hues were impactful.

The swatches of the Kylie Cosmetics KyShadow Bronzed Palette are totally perfect. Jenner is able to smooth the product perfectly onto her arm, showcasing just how creamy they are. No chalky shadow for Jenner.

When she's all done, the result is a totally perfect, Kylie Jenner approved collection of nine warm toned shadows. From the deepest black to the almost pink highlighting hue, the shades create a wide range suitable for many skin tones.

So, if you've been wondering what Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics #SummerSurprise would be, she's officially given you an answer. These photos of the Kylie Cosmetics' KyShadow palette are insanely exciting and showcase just how dedicated Jenner is to her product. If you want to check out more about the palette, head over the Jenner's website or mobile app to hear her speak more about the creation of everyone's newest eyeshadow obsession.

Images:; Kylie Jenner/Snapchat (5)