Here's What A "Kyshadow" Line Could Have In It

by Kali Borovic

Kylie Jenner just dropped one of her biggest Kylie Cosmetics hints yet, but it wasn't on social media. The blog is reporting that Jenner filed trademarks for several names, including Kyshadow, that could indicate she is planning to expand her beauty range into eye makeup. If "Kyshadow" is real, that means that an eyeshadow collection of some sort could be in the works. If this is true, what will Kyshadow include? According to the Justia Trademarks page for the name, it could be anything from shadow kits and singles, to brushes.

When Jenner announced her new Glosses, I was honestly really surprised to see that she was sticking with lip products for her next expansion. It makes sense that she'd have both matte and glossy products, but with some recents hints about a Kylie Cosmetics foundation, I was interested to see how (and when) she would branch away from the pout.

According to The United States Patent & Trademark Office, the name Kyshadow was filed for trademark on April 4 by Jenner. The site also shows that she trademarked the name Kybrow and Kyliner. That makes it sound like she might be preparing to drop a whole bunch of eye products very soon, although Jenner's representatives did not respond to Bustle's request for comment. I'm willing to bet Jenner might do single eyeshadows that will come with their own brush, just the Kylie Lip Kits, which have a lip liner and liquid lipstick in them. She could also do palettes as well.

As far as colors go, there's no telling what Jenner will come from a potential range eye products. If it's anything like her Lip Kit and Gloss, I'm guessing that the first launch will be filled with your everyday, subtle shades. Looking at her recent selfies, here's what a potential eyeshadow collection might have in it.

1. Light Brown Lids

Her eye color looks so good with that lipstick. Could that mean that the Kyshadow shades would coordinate with the Lip Kits? Anything is possible.

2. Smokey Lower Lashes

This smokey eye is complete with a few darker brown shades on her lower lash line.

3. Natural Shades

If you look closely, Jenner has the perfect natural shade on the corner of her lids. Maybe she'll surprise everyone and throw a few "barely there" colors into the mix.

4. Metallic Pink

She's got metallic lip colors already, so you know anything is possible.

5. Faux Wing

To create this faux wing eye look, she'll need to include some darker browns.

6. Teal Hues

Jenner never forgets about her past favorite shades, so it's possible that teal could be in the collection too.

7. Smokey Shades

I spy a black smokey eye! There's bound to be more than a few neutral Kyshadows.

There's no telling how long her fans will have to wait for confirmation from Jenner about the expansion of Kylie Cosmetics. I'd suggest keeping an eye on her social media pages, just to make sure you don't miss anything.

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