How To Get More Great Balls In "Pokemon Go"

If you have played Pokemon games growing up, you might be familiar with the concept of the Great Ball. It's yet another awesome element that transferred over to the new smart phone Pokemon game everyone has been hyped on these days. With a little research I learned how to get more Great Balls in "Pokemon Go" in order to increase our Pokemon catching abilities. With those items in hand, you and I will be one step closer to becoming the Pokemon Master we've dreamed of being since birth (or, y'know — 1997ish).

If you haven't been indoctrinated into the Pokemon universe until now, do not fret. The Great Ball is basically a tougher version of the Pokeball. It has a white bottom and blue top with red stripes. What makes it special is not its coloring — a Great Ball has a 50 percent higher chance of catching a Pokemon than a regular Pokeball. That means that the moment you come upon a Charizard in the wild, or a Jolteon, or even a Snorlax that is over 1000 combat power, you will have a higher chance of catching them. Combine that with a Pokeball curve ball move and you are in the upper levels of Pokemon catching.

So how do you get these magical balls? It looks like the easiest way you can acquire a Great Ball within "Pokemon Go" is by advancing within the game. Once you reach level 12 you can start seeing these balls pop-up during your visits to your local PokeStops. As you swipe your finger over the logo, bubbles with Great Balls can pop up on your screen. You will also automatically receive 20 of them when you reach level 12 within the game as prize. That mean you'll have 20 chances to catch some top notch Pokemon! You can watch the video below with actual screen shots of what happens at certain levels.

Once you acquire the Great Ball, you can catch high combat power Pokemon with ease. Check out the user below that used one to capture a Blastoise.

It's not a guarantee that you will catch the Pokemon right away. It depends on how good your throw is and if you use any other special objects along with it. Razz Berries and curve throws can add to your ability and help fill up your Pokedex without evolving your low level Pokemon. There are also other Pokeballs that come with leveling-up within the game.

Ultra Balls are very rare. You can only get them after passing level 20. And if you are looking for the ball to rule them all — a Master Ball will only appear at level 40. Happy hunting!

Images: Pokemon Go