We Belcher-fied Lisa's Note to NeNe

Just this week, the Dancing With The Stars season 18 cast was unveiled. Lots of exciting names on the list. One of the celebs on the roster: Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes. She is the second Housewife to be on the ballroom dancing competition program, so natch, Bravo’s Dish blog asked former DWTS contestant (and current Housewife) Lisa Vanderpump to offer Leakes advice/words of wisdom. Ya know, to show that Bravo family support! She obliged.

As you might recall, Vanderpump's time on DWTS was fraught with ups and downs, (oh shoot. Pun not intended), but she ain't mad about it. She isn't spitting venom about the program. Instead, her overall attitude regarding the show is extremely positive, and her letter to Leakes is both funny and sweet. Classic Vanderpump! Cha-cha-cha-ing right into my heart.

However, as nice as the note is, it is missing something: Tina Belcher GIFs. Yes, the Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers. "What? That seems random. Why Tina Belcher?" you ask.

Shh... don't worry about it. Please let me have this. Let me do my thing.

Vanderpump's letter to Leakes (with a dash of Tina Belcher):

First off, I have to offer my congratulations, NeNe! The upside of doing Dancing With the Stars: Oh, what an incredible eight weeks of panting, gyrating and legitimately being unfaithful with one of the cutest guys on the planet!

Living a dream as you float around the dance floor, camaraderie with a group of people as you fight for survival.

Downside? It's seven hours a day, you can't even stand up for seven hours let alone dance.

You're absolutely frozen with fear as you peek outside the curtain, knowing that 20 million people might see you land on your arse.

You're sore in places you didn't know you had!

But all in all, it's the most fantastic experience of a lifetime.

You join a family with DWTS that stays with you. I will be there sending you love and cheering you on. Bring the glitter ball home to Bravo! You go girl, get your jive on!


Lisa Vanderpump

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