Are The Kyshadow Palettes Limited Edition?

Kylie Jenner has officially created her first non-lip beauty product — and it's glorious. The new Bronze Kypalette is set to launch June 26th at 3PM PST. Now, given the fact that Kylie's products are notoriously hard to come by, here's an important question: Will the Kypalettes be limited edition?

It's a fair question — after all, a few of her Lip Kits have been LE, so there's definitely a precedent. In fact, the recent summer releases, Skylie and Freedom Blue were both limited edition — so, will it be a similar case for the new Kypalette? In this case, I'm guessing not — after all, unlike with the Fourth of July special Lip Kit in Freedom Blue, there was no special "#limitededition" hashtag, nor was there any indication at all that the product wouldn't be around for good.

Plus, in her videos promoting the new product, Kylie talks about how she carefully created the palette to perfectly suit her needs, and about how she's been wearing it pretty much non-stop over the past 5-6 months. It's tough to imagine her pulling it from the shelves after all that build up — especially when you consider the fact that the palette is quite versatile, and appropriate for all seasons.

Gorgeous, right? Let's certainly hope it's not LE — the Bronze Kypalette is sure to sell like hotcakes, as will the two as-of-yet unrevealed Kypalettes that Kylie says will be released later in the year.

It's tough enough to nab Kylie Cosmetics' many covetable products without the added hurdle of them being limited edition — so, let's all keep our fingers crossed.

Either way, get ready to get your virtual shopping cart ready to go — the launch is set for tomorrow, and LE or not, they're going to go fast.